Fish On Angels Camp! ~ Thanks to the Lee Family!

Angels Camp, CA…There will be 500 lbs of rainbow trout planted from Tryon Park to the 49 bridge in Angels Creek the week before opening day of trout season. To be exact the planting will consist of 2/3 catchable 1 to 2 pound fish, 1/3 3 to 4 pound fish and three 7 to 10 pound fish.

Photos from 2019

Who is doing this and why?
Dennis and Vernagae Lee have been doing this in years past, unfortunately the fish were not available last year, but are planning on doing it annually. Dennis and Vernagae have a passion for the creek and for that has helped them be the people they are today. The community has supported their businesses for the past 49 years and as a thank you want to give back in this way. The creek means a lot to some people and it is probably the most underrated best thing Angels Camp has to offer. The creek used to get planted by California Fish and Game weekly between April and July. Its been years since so Dennis and Vernagae decided to do it for them. Lets all get out there and have a ton of fun and catch some fish.

The “Beast” has been caught. Two years ago we planted an 8 pound rainbow in Fireman’s Hole. Over a two year period the fish traveled 1.5 miles down stream. Fox Darby caught the fish and took a picture of it before he released it. Upon examining the picture the clipped tail was visible and identified. More fish like this one will be planted this year. Good Luch and hope you get a “Fish On”.