UCCE Invites You to Register For the Forest Stewardship Workshop this Summer!

Tuolumne County, CA…The University of California Cooperative Extension invites owners of forest land in Tuolumne and surrounding counties to enroll in a Forest Stewardship workshop from August 4th to September 29th. Zoom meetings with all participants and presenters will take place once a week on Wednesdays from 6-7:30pm starting August 4th. The in-person field day will be held August 28th and will cover field based skills building.

Forest stewardship is active management of forestland based on specific goals with an eye towards long-term sustainability and resilience. The workshop will be focused on developing a management plan to improve and protect your forest lands in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner. The workshop will address management objectives and planning, project development, forest management rules and regulations, financial/tax considerations, and cost-share opportunities. Participants will connect with other landowners and learn how to collect information to develop their own management plans. Completion of the workshop enables participants to be eligible for a site visit with a California Registered Professional Forester to go over your plan and offer guidance. Participants will utilize online resources on their own time to complete learning modules and short activities.

The cost of the three-day workshop is $60. Registration information can be found at http://ucanr.edu/forestryworkshops/. For additional information or questions, please contact Kim Ingram at kcingram@ucanr.edu.