Smoke Output Starting to Drop on Airola Fire…Fingers Crossed

Vallecito, CA…Firefighters on ground and air are doing an amazing job on the Airola Fire. In our 16 plus years covering fires around here we now focus on smoke output and heat. This one is too new for a heat map but when you look at the fire progression on the Alert Wildfire cameras the smoke output from the Airola fire has dropped significantly during the last hour! As they say it ain’t over until the rotund, body positive female sings…but I think you get the point. Or to paraphrase ole Winston. We are not at the beginning of the end of the Airola but definitely end of the beginning. Great work everyone and 90 days or so till wetting rain…we hope!

Above is the latest image from the Alert Wildfire Sonora West Cam.  The top one we cleaned up a bit so you could see the smoke columns and the middle is the raw image & bottom is 2.5 hours ago.  Looking Good!!