Gigabit Internet Coming Soon to West Point as Volcano Telephone Begins Fiber Optic Upgrades!

West Point, CA…Volcano Telephone Company is pleased to announce our fiber optic underground cabling project for the community of West Point will begin June 4th 2019. The project will include an all fiber optic underground infrastructure installation beginning on Main Street and Pine Streets in downtown West Point. The first phase of the project will be installation of the underground distribution cables within the next 30 days to insure that construction will be completed prior to a road pavement overlay scheduled by Calaveras County in early July 2019.

Volcano Telephone Company will then return later in 2019, to install the fiber optic drops to the homes and businesses in West Point and convert these locations to the new network.

This new fiber network will bring a number of new options to our subscribers with all connections to the homes and businesses engineered to support Gigabit Internet speeds, symmetrical connection speeds on all fiber circuits, Digital CATV, Video Streaming and reliable voice services.

Established in 1903, Volcano Communications Company, began as Volcano Telephone Company, a small, brick building in the town of Volcano, California in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. In 1949 the company was purchased by the current owner, Sharon Lundgren’s parents, Jim and Janice Welch and their co investors Ted and Catherine Houck. By 1952 the single wire lines with magneto telephones were in the midst of being upgraded to dial services. Within two more years all the lines had been converted to dial and the manual switchboard retired. In 1968 the company, having grown to 12 employees, moved to the current office in Pine Grove, California.

Since that time the company has continued to maintain their dedication to providing its rural service area with cutting edge technologies that rival those of metropolitan areas. In 1983 VolcanoVision Cable TV company was established. It was the year 1995 which brought about the birth of Volcano Internet Provider then in 2001 Volcano Long Distance was introduced. A family oriented company with three generations currently involved in the management and running of the company lend to the community oriented organization that is dedicated to both its employees and the community at large. No matter your communication needs, Volcano is here to serve you. Please don’t ever hesitate to call for assistance!