Celebrating Our Community Partners & Honoring Cal-Waste!

Angels Camp, CA…The City of Angels Mayor & City Council in cooperation with Angels Camp Business Association, Destination Angels Camp and Bank of Stockton held a Celebration Dinner on January 27th at Bank of Stockton. The dinner was catered by The Pickle Patch. Angels Camp Business Association honored Cal Waste for their continued support of our Community. Without the support of Cal Waste many ACBA sponsored events would not succeed.
Thank you Cal Waste!!

Proclamation of Appreciation
Cal-Waste Recovery Systems

WHEREAS, The Angels Camp Business Association in cooperation with the City of Angels strives to maintain positive business and community relations by working with local businesses, agencies, community members, and organizations to create partnerships; and

WHEREAS, Cal-Waste Recovery Systems is a family-owned business established in 1927 and has been serving the Angels Camp community for the past 10 years; and

WHEREAS, Dave and Cal-Waste have always stepped in to help regardless of the situation and who is paying for it; and

WHEREAS, without the sponsorship support of Cal-Waste, many of the Association’s events would not succeed; and

WHEREAS, Dave and his staff, on several occasions, have volunteered their time to help set-up and clean-up at community events; and

NOW, THEREFORE, the President of the Angels Camp Business Association and the Mayor of the City Council of the City of Angels, together, celebrate their Community Partner, Cal Waste Recovery Systems.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, we have hereunto proclaimed our appreciation this 27th day of January, two thousand twenty, in Angels Camp, California.