A Letter To The Editor In Regards To Sarah Palin~ By R Douglas Nunes

Arnold, CA…Letter To The Editor- I was disappointed when Trump won the election, I felt we had no “good” choices but Trump seemed the worst. Now he is proving that he is not competent to be President, by his choices for cabinet seats.


He chose a banker known for foreclosing on family loans for Treasury Secretary.

Now he is considering Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs. He could not have considered a least competent person or a dumber one.

With all the retired military Generals he had supporting him; there must be a leader there with veteran experience and better knowledge of what disabled veterans need in the VA.

A Palin choice reveals a total disregard for our veterans who look to the VA for medical attention. Palin has no connection to this important position or the veterans using the facilities. She is only a Political Cheerleader for Donald Trump..

Trump should look for a better candidate; a disabled veteran. We have 100s of thousands of them, to choose from.