A Note From Calaveras County Supervisor Steve Kearney, District 5

Rancho Calaveras, CA…I have been presented with a Notice of Intent to Recall my seat as a Calaveras County Supervisor. This action is being brought by a small group of ‘elites’ that feel the ‘wants and wishes’ of a select few should outweigh the ‘needs and wishes’ of the many in Calaveras County. The basis for their claim is not factual and is completely inaccurate (details below). This group is not new and has a long history of inflicting ‘economic terrorism’ against the people of Calaveras County which has resulted in keeping Calaveras County one of the poorest in the state, which is a distinction I want to change for the better. During my election it was no secret that I stood for jobs and economic growth for Calaveras County. I welcome the opportunity to reaffirm my commitment to bringing quality growth and economic prosperity to all. I encourage all of you to join me in rejecting the anti-job movement and let’s make Calaveras County economically healthy for our children and grandchildren.


The claim(s): This group is claiming two items/issues.

1) Olive Orchard Estates. The claim is that the Planning Commission and the Supervisors removed the required off-site improvements. What they are not telling you is that the Planning Commission and Supervisors did so only after Cal Trans formally removed the requirements to the project.

2) Asphalt Plant. The claim is that the Planning Commission and Supervisors approved the plant without requiring environmental study. This claim is completely untrue. The most recent approval of the Asphalt Plant was a vote to uphold that CEQA is to be completed before the ‘Authority to Construct’ Permit is issued. Additionally, it’s important to point out that the Counties own study and expert indicated no significant impacts on this project.

Steve Kearney, Calaveras County Supervisor D-5