Angels Camp City Administrator Announces Resignation

Angels Camp, CA…City Administrator, Michael McHatten has announced on December 7, 2016 to the City Council his intention to resign. His last day will be on January 5, 2017. While Mr. McHatten has not disclosed his future plans to the City Council he noted that he is leaving to pursue a new career opportunity.


Said Mr. McHatten, “A new career opportunity arose of the past few months and I have decided that the timing was best considering that a new City Council majority will be seated this January. This will give the new City Council a time to focus on their community goals and select a City Administrator to lead them into the future. I have had the great fortune of working for Angels Camp over the past 5 ½ years and I feel proud to leave the City in a much better position than upon my arrival. A great deal of work has been accomplished during my tenure including the hiring of a new City Attorney, a new Finance Officer, a new Museum Director and a new Fire Chief. In addition, we navigated through the process of moving from Contract Engineering services to hiring an “in-house” City Engineer/Public Works Director and staff which came at a considerable savings. In addition, the City has revamped its budget process and format, upgraded the City website, increased the strength of force in the Police and Fire Departments and managed their budgets effectively while the economy slowly recovered. While, the economy has slowly recovered I am proud of the formation of Destination Angels Camp, the advent of Wild West Fest as a community event and the turnaround in building activity in the Planning Department, All of these things indicate that the City is in good place both now and in the future”

In addition, the City Council has designated that current Director of Administrative Services Mary Kelly, will take on the roll of Interim City Administrator upon Mr. McHatten’s departure.