Arnold Shooting Occurred In Unsuccessful Robbery Attempt

Arnold, CA…The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office previously reported about an incident that occurred on 12-8-16 where a subject named Robert Hilton, Jr. arrived at the Ebbett’s Pass Fire Department in Arnold with gunshot wounds. A witness, L Amir Amma, told detectives that Hilton had been shot somewhere in the Arnold area while standing outside of his vehicle on the side of the road. The two reported to have been driving between Richmond and the Sacramento area. They provided no initial explanation as to why they were in Calaveras County.


Since the day this was originally reported, detectives have served several search warrants relating to this case. Evidence was found inside Hilton’s vehicle which lead to the Mill Woods community of town homes on Manuel Road in Arnold. After being questioned by detectives, a resident of one of the town homes admitted that the shooting occurred inside his residence. The firearm used during this incident has been collected along with other evidence of the shooting.

This 31 year old male resident, who asked to remain anonymous at this time, positively identified Robert Hilton, Jr. and L Amir Amma as two suspects who attempted to rob him on 12-8-16. The suspects had reportedly asked to come into the victim’s town home to use the phone and then attempted to rob him at gun point. The resident reportedly has training in martial arts and attempted a gun take away technique during the robbery. The gun was discharged multiple times during a struggle and one bullet struck Robert Hilton, Jr. The resident was able to get the gun away from his would-be robbers and ordered them to leave. L Amir Amma then took Robert Hilton, Jr. to a nearby gas station where he was directed to the Ebbett’s Pass Fire Department to seek treatment for the gunshot wound.

The robbery victim told detectives that he did not report this incident because he was in fear, he did not want to be listed as a “victim” in the eyes of the press and public, and because he did not want yet another negative press story regarding the marijuana industry bringing crime into Calaveras County. The victim is involved in a local commercial medical marijuana cultivation site. Whether the victim’s involvement in the marijuana cultivation has anything to do with this case is still under investigation. Detectives were able to confirm that the suspects were attempting to rob the victim of marijuana.

On 12-20-16 Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office Detectives, with the assistance of the Richmond Police Department, served a search warrant at several locations in the city of Richmond and arrested L Amir Amma on a warrant that had been issued for his involvement in the robbery. Amma was booked into the Contra Costa County jail where he will be later transferred to the Calaveras County Jail. His warrant was for violations of 212.5(a)PC – Robbery, 236PC – False Imprisonment, and 422PC- Criminal Threats with $100,000 bail. Robert Hilton Jr remains hospitalized for the gunshot wound he sustained during this incident. The Sheriff’s Office will be seeking his prosecution through the District Attorney’s Office.

If anyone has further information relating to this investigation, please call the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office at (209) 754-6500 or our anonymous tip line (209) 754-6030.