Baffled By High Tech Gadgets? “Teens 4 Tech” Is Ready To Help

San Andreas, CA…The “Teens 4 Tech” program, sponsored by Calaveras Co. Adult Tutoring, begins its fourth year on September 8th. Open sessions are held on Tuesday afternoons 3:45 to 4:45 at the San Andreas Library. So, for those who feel like your ‘Smart Phone’ is outsmarting you, or you keep hitting the escape button on your laptop only to remain in “Doesnotcompute Land”, come visit these savvy young dynamos for help.


“The “Teens 4 Tech” tutoring service is back to rescue all of us who need assistance in understanding and operating all those new-fangled, complicated gizmos that have invaded our lives”, announced Pat Ross, Program Coordinator. She explained, “This hands-on instruction is provided by high school teens with profound technical knowhow and a willingness to help those of us who are far less gifted.”

This free-of-charge service is provided on a first come, first served basis. Appointments will not be scheduled, but you may certainly return for additional guidance. Bring your own electronic device on which you will receive instruction. Write down, in advance, the problems you’re having with functions or applications. If you have a user’s manual, be sure to have it available during your question and answer period. Come and let the “Teens for Tech” open doors to your future!