Vault Works/BEAT & InnovationLab Form A Regional Partnership To Advance STEM Training

Sonora, CA…As of June 1, 2015 the Vault Works/BEAT Group and the Sonora based InnovationLab have formed a new regional partnership that expands the technology training and opportunities for technology minded residents of the Central Sierra and Central Valley areas of California..


BEAT members will staff ongoing classes at the InnovationLab in addition to their planned classes at the Vault Works in Merced. These classes will focus on 3-D printing, CNC Machining, Digital Printing, Basic and Advanced Electronics plus additional trainings as the partnership grows. BEAT members are made up from current and former UC-Merced students who specialize in various fields of agriculture, biology, engineering, technology and various specialties.

InnovationLab staff will provide assistance in establishing an InnovationLab within the Vault Works offices in downtown Merced, California. Assistance will be provided through new and existing resources and InnovationLab staff will provide one-on-one guidance and management expertise for the new InnovationLab and Vault Works facility.

Both Vault Works and InnovationLab will provide free “day” passes to each other’s facilities and to members of their respective organizations.

The InnovationLab is a membership-based facility that’s a do-it-yourself fabrication and prototyping center, incubator, maker space, and a learning center.

It gives innovators, entrepreneurs and makers throughout the Central California region access to tools and resources like 3-D printers, gaming and application software and equipment, software design software and equipment, basic electronics center, video and audio production, prototyping metal work and wood equipment, and much more. Members can access shared tools, pool their expertise and meet people with similar and diverse interests.

The InnovationLab is located at 101 Hospital Road in Sonora, California on the 3rd floor of the former Tuolumne General Hospital. It is open seven days a week and twenty four hours a day to its members.

Vault Works is pioneering a new economic growth engine and redefining the new economy in Merced. Offering collaborative work space, professional training and mentorship, conference rooms, and dedicated office space, Vault Works aims to connect a community of freelancers, remote workers, and growing businesses.

BEAT (biology, engineering, agriculture and technology) is a non-profit organization that aims to increase BEAT literacy in the Central Valley.