Calaveras County Enacts Programs To Meet State Mandates

San Andreas, CA…After a year of negotiations, Calaveras County Department of Public Works has entered into a ten-year Solid Waste Collection, Hauling and Recycling agreement with California Waste Recovery Systems (Cal-Waste). The County believes that the partnership with Cal-Waste will benefit both residents and businesses in the community, while progressing toward compliance with the multiple State of California legislative mandates.


While the State of California leads the nation in recycling, the path to compliance has not been an easy one. In 1989, AB939, which mandates a reduction in waste disposal, was signed into law. Since then, AB1826, mandatory commercial organics recycling, AB32, the global warming solutions act limiting greenhouse emissions, and AB341, mandatory commercial recycling regulations, have further structured the outlook for waste management in California. Counties in California are required to adhere to a strict diversion goal of 75% by 2020. These mandates contributed to the need for a comprehensive overhaul to our countywide Solid Waste system, including the introduction of new programs, some of which affect Cal-Waste customers.

Residents and business owners may be asking themselves what does this mean for us? It means new strategies and programs will be rolled out to customers throughout the County.
• Cal-Waste will be offering incentivized rates so that the less you throw away, the less
you pay.
• Disposal packages will include a uniform three-cart residential program for all lower
areas of Calaveras County to collect trash, comingled recyclables and green waste.
Higher elevations in Calaveras County will be offered a two-can residential program.
• Collection rates will be standardized throughout the County.
• Solid Waste Collection service has been expanded throughout the County to include
commercial recycling.
• Mandatory Commercial recycling obligations required of county businesses by the
State can now be met through subscription in this program.
• The lifespan of the Rock Creek Solid Waste Facility will be prolonged by Cal-Waste
disposing of commercial and residential waste outside of the County.

Cal-Waste will be in touch with you in the upcoming weeks to help you select the appropriate solutions for your needs. You can avoid waiting by contacting Cal-Waste at (209)795-1532 today.