Calaveras County, FEMA, & Calaveras Recovers Working Together With Butte Fire Survivors

San Andreas, CA…Each day since the Butte Fire was extinguished, many people have been working behind the scenes to restore Calaveras County to the “New Normal”. With the help and guidance of FEMA a volunteer group has been formed to work with survivors of the Butte Fire both with immediate and long term needs. This group now known as “Calaveras Recovers” has already done some amazing work in the few months they have existed.


What is Calaveras Recovers? It is a group of volunteers, non-profits, businesses and faith based groups working together to not only build an expected 100 homes for survivors who were uninsured or underinsured but also help with immediate needs like fixing septic tanks and wells that were broken during the fire fight.

Here is a first-hand account of Calaveras County, FEMA and Calaveras Recovers working together earlier this week.
A woman came into the Public Information Office in tears and completely distraught. She was fortunate that her home was not destroyed by the fire but had lost several outbuildings and her only means of transportation, her car. Along with that trauma she had lost her father shortly after the fire and then had a heart attack. New to the county she had no income and no friends to turn to.

The county PIO spoke with her briefly and then called their contact at Calaveras Recovers. She was asked if she could bring the woman to their office one of the Personal Advocates could help determine what her immediate needs were and how they could help her. Within hours she received several gift cards for essential needs and food from the Food Bank. When the county PIO went back to pick her up, she was smiling, tears were gone and she explained that now she had hope. On Tuesday she was visited by the county’s Health Services Department to help her with emotional support.

This is just one of the many stories out there about people and families that have been helped by Calaveras County, FEMA, Cal OES and Calaveras Recovers. If you know someone who needs help with immediate or long term needs, emotional or spiritual needs call (209)297-0970.

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