Calaveras County Sheriff Volunteer Unit Receives Gift From Stockton Bicycle Club

San Andreas, CA…The Non-profit Calaveras County Sheriff Volunteer Unit received a gift of $300 from the Stockton Bicycle Club. Sgt. Evens said he is pleased that the Stockton Bicycle Club would be so generous. The club holds Calaveras County dear to their hearts because it schedules several rides through Calaveras, taking advantage of the country setting and many roads with slow rolling hills as well as amazing countryside and a superb climate for cycling. The Stockton Bicycle Club also supports other Calaveras non-profits including the Calaveras Arts Council. Some of the well-known beneficiaries of the bike club’s philanthropy include St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund.


The Calaveras Sheriff’s Volunteer Unit will use the funds to help it support the county with everything from providing crowd and traffic control during emergencies and community events, and for patrolling the county and assisting Calaveras law enforcement. The unit is staffed by volunteers who donate their time for activities that would otherwise take the much needed sworn Sheriff Department deputies off the streets.