Calaveras County Sheriff’s Logs For November 14th

San Andreas, CA…The latest activity logs for the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Deputies are attached:


Monday, November 14, 2016
00:09 Traffic Stop 1611140001
Officer initiated activity at S Main St/Centennial Ln, City of Angels. . Disposition: Citation Issued.
01:10 Suspicious Person 1611140004
Officer initiated activity at E Saint Charles St, San Andreas. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
04:07 Prowling 1611140006
Occurred on Lombardi Dr, Mokelumne Hill. Prowler in the back yard. Subject in the backyard. . Disposition:
Arrest Made.
05:59 Firearms Discharged 1611140008
Occurred on La Contenta Wy, Valley Springs. Loud shot heard. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
06:40 Alarm Sounding 1611140009
Occurred on Mountain Ranch Rd, San Andreas. Commercial alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.
08:15 Suspicious Person 1611140020
Officer initiated activity at Jenny Lind Rd/Kirby, Valley Springs. Male walking – wearing a bandana and
carrying a yellow drill box. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
08:15 Alarm Sounding 1611140021
Occurred on Hwy 4, Arnold. Commercial. . Disposition: False Alarm.
08:16 Alarm Sounding 1611140022
Occurred on Garner Pl, Valley Springs. Residential alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.
08:41 Fraud 1611140024
Occurred on Love Creek Rd, Arnold. Bank fraud. . Disposition: Report Taken.
08:46 Disturbance 1611140025
Occurred on Main St, San Andreas. Report of female yelling. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
09:13 911 Misdial 1611140030
Occurred at Substance Abuse on Mountain Ranch Rd. , San Andreas. Deputy confirmed misdial. .
Disposition: No Report Taken.
09:27 Suspicious Person 1611140031
Occurred on Paloma Rd, Valley Springs. Subject staying at a ball field – They were contacted and agreed to
move on. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
09:37 Trespass 1611140033
Occurred on Hwy 26, Valley Springs. Possible squatters on a property. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
10:31 911 Hang Up 1611140037
Occurred at County Council on Mountain Ranch Rd. , San Andreas. Misdial from a government office. .
Disposition: No Report Taken.
11:01 Alarm Sounding 1611140042
Occurred at Gun Club on Gun Club Rd. , Angels Camp. Commercial alarm. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
11:24 Disturbance 1611140043
Occurred on Lynn Bl, Wilseyville. Verbal altercation heard. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
11:27 Suspicious Person 1611140044
Occurred on Hogan Dam Rd, Valley Springs. Male with a motorized vehicle and cart on a walking trail – Stated
he was picking up trash. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
11:30 Disturbance 1611140045
Occurred on Hartvickson Ln, Valley Springs. Issues between seperating couple. . Disposition: No Report
11:43 Theft 1611140047
Occurred on Chile Camp Rd, Campo Seco. Theft from a vacant residence – trees cut and trash dumped as well.
. Disposition: No Report Taken.
12:19 Disturbance 1611140051
Occurred on Hwy 12, Valley Springs. Unhappy customer causing a disturbance. . Disposition: No Report
12:32 Alarm Sounding 1611140053
Occurred on Garner Pl, Valley Springs. Residential alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.
12:47 Traffic Stop 1611140055
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 12/CENTRAL Hill Rd, San Andreas. Orange colored Beetle paper plates. .
Disposition: No Report Taken.
13:26 Disturbance 1611140062
Occurred on China Gulch, Mokelumne Hill. Altercation from last night reported Parties currently seperated. .
Disposition: No Report Taken.
14:24 Disturbance 1611140065
Occurred on Sheep Ranch Rd, Sheep Ranch. Altercation – rocks thrown and a window broken. . Disposition:
Report Taken.
14:55 Suspicious Person 1611140069
Occurred at Main St/Pine St, West Point. Male yelling at a juvenile. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
14:58 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1611140070
Occurred on Kenshaw Ct, Dorrington. Motorcycles in a driveway reported. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
15:41 Theft 1611140075
Occurred on Sequoia Av, Valley Springs. Theft of recyclables. . Disposition: Report Taken.
16:29 Alarm Sounding 1611140081
Occurred on Colt Ln, Copperopolis. Residential alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.
17:06 Disturbance 1611140085
Occurred on Pope St, San Andreas. Verbal dispute reported. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
17:25 Disturbance 1611140087
Occurred on Baldwin St, Valley Springs. Disturbance between family members. They have agreed to stay
separite for the night. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
18:07 Suspicious Circumstances 1611140093
Occurred on Silver Rapids Rd, Valley Springs. Stationary light in the sky appears to have flames – red & blue
– coming out the bottom – Only one report. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
18:12 Disturbance 1611140096
Occurred on Feather Dr, Copperopolis. Two males in a verbal disagreement They left – in opposite
directions. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
18:33 Firearms Discharged 1611140099
Occurred at Bummerville Rd/Valentine Hill Dr, West Point. Caller heard 5 shots. . Disposition: No Report
18:36 911 Hang Up 1611140100
Occurred on Pardini Pl, Valley Springs. Cell phone hangup call. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
18:40 Disturbance 1611140101
Occurred on Hwy 49, San Andreas. Caller hearing a verbal dispute. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
20:29 Prowling 1611140104
Occurred on Pawnee Dr, Dorrington. Suspicious noises at the back of her residence, possibly someone
walking on the property
Rp requesting contact. Disposition: No Report Taken.
21:42 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1611140106
Officer initiated activity at Dunbar Rd, Arnold. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
22:34 Alarm Sounding 1611140109
Occurred on Market St, San Andreas. . Disposition: No Report Taken.