Calaveras County Sheriff’s Logs For November 17th

San Andreas, CA…The latest activity logs for the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Deputies are attached:


Thursday, November 17, 2016
00:00 Traffic Stop 1611170001
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 26, Valley Springs. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
00:09 Traffic Stop 1611170003
Officer initiated activity at Vista Del Lago West, Valley Springs. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
00:13 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1611170004
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 49/HWY 12, San Andreas. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
00:32 Traffic Stop 1611170006
Officer initiated activity at Kirby St/Jenny Lind Rd. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
00:52 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1611170009
Officer initiated activity at Gwin Mine Rd, Paloma. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
01:01 Traffic Stop 1611170010
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 12, Valley Springs. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
02:12 Alarm Sounding 1611170015
Occurred on Ponderosa Wy, Murphys. Residential alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.
04:18 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1611170017
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 49/HWY 12, San Andreas. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
04:55 Alarm Sounding 1611170019
Occurred on Bull Wacker Run, Arnold. Alarm sounding in the area. . Disposition: False Alarm.
07:24 Suspicious Person 1611170024
Occurred at Copper Cove Dr/Bridle Point Cr, Copperopolis. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
07:38 911 Hang Up 1611170025
Occurred on Andreas Vista, San Andreas. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
07:54 Alarm Sounding 1611170027
Occurred at Arnold Automotive on Manuel Rd. , Arnold. Commercial alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.
08:40 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1611170032
Officer initiated activity at S Algiers St, Murphys. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
09:14 Suspicious Person 1611170035
Occurred on Big Trees Rd, Murphys. Unknown person running in the field. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
09:46 Warrant Service 1611170036
Occurred on Jeff Tuttle Dr, San Andreas. Arrest made on local want. . Disposition: Arrest Made.
10:36 Traffic Stop 1611170042
Officer initiated activity at Deardorff Rd/Hwy 26, Glencoe. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
11:31 Warrant Service 1611170050
Officer initiated activity at West Point Pioneer Rd, West Point. Arrest made on out of county felony warrant. .
Disposition: No Report Taken.
12:34 Disturbance 1611170053
Occurred on Pine St, Valley Springs. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
12:54 Theft 1611170056
Occurred on Maple St, Arnold. Theft of equipment off property. . Disposition: Report Taken.
14:27 911 Misdial 1611170064
Occurred on Mountain Ranch Rd, San Andreas. Confirmed misdial. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
14:39 Disturbance 1611170068
Occurred on E Saint Charles St, San Andreas. Altercation. . Disposition: Report Taken.
16:40 Suspicious Person 1611170075
Occurred on Hwy 4, Arnold. Arrest made. . Disposition: Arrest Made.
18:03 Burglary Not in Progress 1611170081
Occurred on Lone Oak Dr, Jenny Lind. All terrain vehicle stolen from barn. . Disposition: Report Taken.
19:41 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1611170088
Occurred at Hwy 4/SHIRLEY Rd, Copperopolis. Vehicle parked at vista point for long time, gone on arrival. .
Disposition: No Report Taken.
20:42 Suspicious Person 1611170090
Officer initiated activity at Town Square Rd, Copperopolis. Unfounded, security guard. . Disposition: No
Report Taken.
20:55 Public Intoxication 1611170092
Occurred on S Algiers St, Murphys. Arrest made for public intoxication. . Disposition: Arrest Made.
21:13 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1611170093
Officer initiated activity at Nove Wy, Valley Springs. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
22:48 Criminal Contempt 1611170097
Occurred on Pitt Ranch Ct, Wallace. Possible violation of court order. . Disposition: Report Taken.
23:50 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1611170098
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 49/WHITTLE Rd, Angels Camp. . Disposition: Arrest Made.