Calaveras County Sheriff’s Logs For October 24th

San Andreas, CA…The latest activity logs for the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Deputies are as follows:


Monday, October 24, 2016
00:09 Prowling 1610240001
Occurred on W Saint Charles St, San Andreas. Subject hearing cursing and knocking outside Deputies were
unable to locate source. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
00:54 Suspicious Person 1610240003
Occurred on Wade Ln, Burson. Report of male sleeping near entrance to recreation area Subject contact as
stated he was waiting for a ride home. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
03:37 Alarm Sounding 1610240004
Occurred on Sierra Py, Dorrington. Residential alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.
08:12 911 Hang Up 1610240006
Occurred on S Ranchero Rd, Valley Springs. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
08:13 Public Intoxication 1610240007
Occurred on S Ranchero Rd, Valley Springs. Arrest made for public intoxication. . Disposition: Arrest Made.
09:35 Traffic Stop 1610240013
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 12/HWY 26, Valley Springs. Warning issued. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
10:49 Vandalism 1610240018
Occurred at Main St/Big Trees Rd, Murphys. Vandalism to signs. . Disposition: Report Taken.
11:02 Trespass 1610240019
Occurred on Clements Pl, Valley Springs. Unfounded. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
11:14 Littering 1610240022
Occurred at Pardee Dam Rd/Campo Seco Rd, Campo Seco. Several large trash bags were dumped along side of
road. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
11:34 Disturbance 1610240024
Occurred on Mountain Ranch Rd, San Andreas. Verbal altercation. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
11:44 Traffic Stop 1610240025
Officer initiated activity at S Railroad Flat Rd/Wharregard Rd, Railroad Flat. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
12:01 Alarm Sounding 1610240027
Occurred on Whalen Rd, Wallace. Residential alarm. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
13:09 Firearms Discharged 1610240030
Occurred on Calaveras Cr, Mountain Ranch. Sounds of shots in the area. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
14:22 Criminal Contempt 1610240034
Occurred on Lewis Av, San Andreas. Violation of court order. . Disposition: Report Taken.
15:31 Alarm Sounding 1610240047
Occurred on Whalen Rd, Wallace. Residential alarm. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
16:48 Alarm Sounding 1610240055
Occurred on Owens Wy, Valley Springs. Residential alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.
17:16 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1610240058
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 49, Angels Camp. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
18:11 Suspicious Circumstances 1610240062
Occurred on Church St, Vallecito. Unknown subjects in a vehicle asking questions. . Disposition: No Report
18:19 Alarm Sounding 1610240063
Occurred on Jenny Lind Vista, Valley Springs. Residental. . Disposition: False Alarm.
19:20 Suspicious Person 1610240066
Occurred at Anderson St/Westhill Rd, Valley Springs. Male sitting by a tree using a laptop. . Disposition: No
Report Taken.
19:38 Juvenile Offender 1610240069
Occurred on Murphys Grade Rd, City of Angels. 2 males 1 in a whi hoody other in a tee shirt throwing rocks
and shouting cuss words out by the tennis courts. Disposition: Report Taken.
19:57 911 Hang Up 1610240072
Occurred on Andreas Vista, San Andreas. No answer on call back Left message. . Disposition: No Report
20:04 911 Hang Up 1610240074
Occurred on Stallion Wy, Angels Camp. No answer or v mail on call back. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
21:01 Theft 1610240076
Occurred on Yost Dr, Valley Springs. Possible animal theft. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
21:14 Alarm Sounding 1610240078
Occurred on Hwy 4, Vallecito. Commercial alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.
21:58 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1610240082
Occurred on Westhill Rd, Valley Springs. Loud vehicle driving through the area. . Disposition: No Report