Calaveras County Sheriff’s Logs For October 25th

San Andreas, CA…The latest activity logs for the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Deputies are as follows:


Tuesday, October 25, 2016
01:34 Traffic Stop 1610250005
Officer initiated activity at N Main St, City of Angels. . Disposition: Citation Issued.
02:36 Traffic Stop 1610250008
Officer initiated activity at Camanche Parkway South/Oliveira Ct, Wallace. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
03:12 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1610250010
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 12/OAK Leaf Ln, Valley Springs. Occupied by 1. . Disposition: No Report
04:45 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1610250013
Occurred on Saint Andrews Rd, Valley Springs. Loud vehicle driving up and down the street. . Disposition: No
Report Taken.
07:36 911 Hang Up 1610250022
Occurred on Andreas Vista, San Andreas. Open line – Pocket dial. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
08:05 Suspicious Person 1610250026
Occurred on Vista Del Lago Dr, Valley Springs. Subject sleeping near a business. . Disposition: No Report
08:13 Alarm Sounding 1610250028
Occurred on Arrowhead St, Copperopolis. Residential alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.
08:18 Vandalism 1610250030
Occurred on Oak St, San Andreas. Trash bags torn open and left in driveway. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
08:38 Traffic Stop 1610250033
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 12, Valley Springs. . Disposition: 10-98 Marijuana Involved.
09:28 Burglary Not in Progress 1610250036
Occurred on Hwy 49, Angels Camp. Break in to a storage unit. . Disposition: Report Taken.
09:31 Alarm Sounding 1610250038
Occurred on Augusta Dr, Arnold. Resdidential Alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.
09:46 Burglary Not in Progress 1610250041
Occurred on Cosmic Ct, Copperopolis. . Disposition: Report Taken.
11:49 Burglary Not in Progress 1610250045
Occurred on Hwy 49, Angels Camp. Break in to a storage unit. . Disposition: Report Taken.
13:19 Alarm Sounding 1610250058
Occurred on Shoshone Dr, Camp Connell. Residential alarm. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
13:23 Suspicious Person 1610250059
Occurred on E Saint Charles St, San Andreas. Female with a back pack and various bags – appears intoxicated.
. Disposition: No Report Taken.
13:39 911 Misdial 1610250062
Occurred at Giallanza, Mary on Mitchell Mill Rd. , Wilseyville. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
14:21 Theft 1610250065
Occurred on Canoe St, Copperopolis. Theft of musical instrument reported – likely civil issue between family
members. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
14:40 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1610250067
Occurred at Kirby St/O Rielly St, Valley Springs. Unknown vehicle parked in area for days – Owner located and
advise it has mechanical issues and they will be moving it soon. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
14:51 Motorist Assist 1610250068
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 4/ANGELS Oaks Rd, Angels Camp. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
15:31 Vandalism 1610250072
Occurred on High School St, San Andreas. Damage to vehicle tires. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
15:43 Trespass 1610250073
Occurred on Upper Dorray Rd, Glencoe. Report of squatters – Apparently unfounded – debris not removed by
former renter. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
16:03 Trespass 1610250077
Occurred on Gold Strike Rd, San Andreas. Male subject keeps wandering onto property He has been asked to
leave. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
16:31 Disturbance 1610250080
Occurred on Surrey Ln, Copperopolis. Dirtbikes causing noise issues and dust. Disposition: No Report
16:34 Suspicious Person 1610250081
Occurred on W Saint Charles St, San Andreas. Female keeps returning to business after having been asked to
leave. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
17:50 911 Misdial 1610250083
Occurred on Frogtown Rd, Angels Camp. Pocket dial on callback everything was ok. . Disposition: No Report
17:57 Alarm Sounding 1610250084
Occurred on Hogan Dam Rd, Valley Springs. Commercial. . Disposition: False Alarm.
18:46 Suspicious Person 1610250089
Occurred on Warren Rd, Burson. Unknown person behind a tree. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
20:07 Suspicious or Parked Vehicle 1610250094
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 49, Angels Camp. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
20:43 Suspicious Person 1610250095
Occurred on Bellview St, San Andreas. Unknown people sitting on commercial property. . Disposition: No
Report Taken.
21:16 Trespass 1610250100
Occurred on Love Creek Rd, Arnold. Report of trespass – deputy determined that a family member had given
subjects permission to be at location. . Disposition: No Report Taken.
22:08 Suspicious Person 1610250103
Occurred on Mitchler Av, Murphys. Subject with a flashlight going through a dumpster. . Disposition: No
Report Taken.
22:58 Alarm Sounding 1610250105
Occurred on High School St, San Andreas. Commercial alarm. . Disposition: False Alarm.