Calaveras Recovers Membership Meeting For Butte Fire Organizations

Calaveras County, CA…Calaveras Recovers will hold its annual membership meeting of all
organizations working on the Butte Fire recovery on Monday, October 3rd, at The Church of
Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints Hall at 221 Church Hill Road, San Andreas.


The meeting will begin at at 9 AM. These meetings are for the entire network of agencies and organizations helping survivors of the Butte Fire to thrive in the widespread post-disaster recovery. This month’s meeting is the annual opportunity to elect and re-elect members of the Board of
Directors of the nonprofit group.

The all-volunteer Board of Directors of Calaveras Recovers is organized to support the
survivors who were uninsured or under-insured at the time of last year’s wildfire which ravaged
100 square miles in Calaveras and Amador counties. Two replacement homes for survivors are
nearly finished with the help of Calaveras Recovers, and another six homes are planned for
immediate construction. About these monthly meetings, Chairman of the Board Allen Sender
said, “We hope the agencies and other groups who want to be involved will attend.”

Calaveras Recovers is a group of non-profit, faith-based, civic, government and other organizations
operating as the long-term recovery team for people affected by the Butte Fire disaster of 2015. Member
groups of Calaveras Recovers are listed on the website, which also helps facilitate monetary donations.
Donations can be made directly online via or mailed to PO Box 395,
Mountain Ranch, CA 95246. The group’s main focus is to help those families whose homes were
uninsured or underinsured and destroyed by the wildfire. Calaveras Recovers operates under the 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship of the Amador Community Foundation