Emergency Temporary Shelter Opens And Closes In Mountain Ranch For Butte Fire Victims – Updated

Mountain Ranch Ca Shelter Update 4:30am 11/25/2015

After 5 hours only of being opened the Red Cross has decided to close this shelter. The initial planning was faulty from the beginning. Once this storm front was known to come in the Red Cross should have had plans in place working with the Calaveras County OES and in conjunction with other local agencies, churches and more to notify the #ButteFireVictims in advance of a Shelter they could go to. No such plan exists obviously and this has lead once again to a failure of the system that is supposed to be there to help others in dire need. This is the Second Time the local Red Cross has done this or been allowed to do this. What if it was your own family members in need and this was happening to them. Below in the comments is my reply to the thread on the Facebook group Mountain Ranch Needs and Volunteers.

Cliff Edson and Chris Wright have worked so hard is trying to push this issue and are being met by Stone Walls. This is not acceptable either. They care about their constituents and to be met by the word “No” is devastating.

#ButteFireShelterFailure is the new #ButteFireReality we deal with now.

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The planning could be better. The programming could be better. The system could be better. The supply staging could be better. Calaveras County Residents in need cannot keep depending upon a broken system. There needs to be change. You the Citizens of the region can push for that change. Become engaged and please do what you can for your fellow Calaveras County Resident.

Mountain Ranch Ca The Calaveras County Office of Emergency Services along with the Red Cross have opened a Short Term Emergency Shelter at the Mountain Ranch Community Center to open at 6pm tonight 11/24/2015. Thank you to the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors for pushing hard on this issue but a Special Thanks to all of the Private Citizens and 501c3’s that have been working the #ButteFire #ButteFireRecovery #ButteFireReality since day one of the incident for pushing harder by calling, emailing and via Social Media across all of the Butte Fire related Facebook groups who would not take the words “No” or “Cannot Happen” or We Do Not Want To” as answers in a obvious humanitarian effort to gain shelter for the Butte Fire Victims.

Mountain ranch shelter

The red cross is opening a shelter at the mountain ranch community center starting at 6:00 pm tonight.

Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office
891 Mountain Ranch Rd
San Andreas, CA 95249

Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergencies: 209-754-6500

Source: https://local.nixle.com/alert/5536520/?sub_id=297972

4 Responses to "Emergency Temporary Shelter Opens And Closes In Mountain Ranch For Butte Fire Victims – Updated"

  1. Mona Baroody   November 24, 2015 6:51 pm - at 6:51 pm

    This shelter is open tonight only. However, if you call 754-6452 tomorrow after 8:00 a.m. you can make arrangements for Wednesday night; it is likely they will house you through the weekend. Mona Baroody, VP, The Hive: a Butte Fire Recovery Center 1-844-484-3448

  2. Mona Baroody   November 25, 2015 12:02 am - at 12:02 am

    5 hours after opening….CLOSED 🙁 If you need shelter tomorrow, call the number to make arrangements

    Lewis, Dennis
    11:06 PM (47 minutes ago)

    to Autumn, Holly, Jim, Kathy, KQBM, KVGC, Lynn, me, Suzette, Wendy, Debbie
    Good evening everyone:

    We have decided to immediately close the Evacuation Center in Mountain Ranch that was opened for those in need of sheltering from our current storm as there hasn’t been any interest.

  3. Charles Dudley Jr.   November 25, 2015 4:27 am - at 4:27 am

    Yes Mona I read that on the Facebook Group Mountain Ranch Needs and Volunteers. It is quite upsetting to be bluntly honest. Below is my response on that thread for those who do not have Facebook:

    DUMP THE RED CROSS AND WORK WITH THE SALVATION ARMY OR THE LOCAL CHURCHES. Cliff Edson I’m here 100% and going to make a phone call to Sacto of my own today. No guarantees. No promises. I’ll try my best. It is all I can do. It will for sure bring on another set of eyes on this failure.
    This is a full on Red Cross Failure and FAILURE of Calaveras County OES Planning ahead of time and NOT working with others besides the Red Cross. This is NOT acceptable on any level of a Humanitarian Relief Effort. Those are OUR people out there! Our friends, family etc etc etc.
    Sandy Meitrott I’m with you on working outside of the box at all times. I guess all of us who worked the Relief Center in Mt Ranch from near and far need to gang hoard our efforts together once again in this wake of a FAILURE by the Red Cross and Calaveras County in taking care of it’s citizens. Failure is NOT acceptable on any level.

    Begin making calls to all of the regional news outlets today. Get the story out over Social Media as viral as possible, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Reddit how every you can on Social Media

    #ButteFireShelterFailure is your Hash Tagging. Make it viral.

    Email your County, State and Congressional Representatives. Contact your Church Leaderships to get ENGAGED in this issue on whatever level they can. Our most powerful venue will be contacting the regional main stream news media KCRA 3 Fox 40 and others to bring the camera lights upon this humanitarian failure. This upsets me quite a lot. It will take all of us emailing, calling, alerting and bring all attention in the region and beyond to get this issue fixed but we the common citizen seem to know how to get things done and as Sandy Meitrott said rolling up our sleeves to get it done.
    Cold outside this morning here in Jackson. .Will be a lot colder back out in those low lying hills and draws where the victims are. The words Shelter Closing, No, Cannot, Will Not, Not Possible and other negativity is NOT acceptable in this Humanitarian Effort. Can Do is our rally call.
    It takes a village. Let’s make this happen however we can piece meal it together and put the pieces in place. We do not realize what we can do until we try as a Village speaking out and acting as one.
    Let’s Git R Done and I know We Can because we all seen it at the Mt Ranch Relief Center.

  4. Chip Dingman   November 25, 2015 5:20 am - at 5:20 am

    There isn’t any interest because the announcement about the shelter being opened went out about 30 minutes before the shelter opened up. People need more lead time if a shelter is going to be opened. I don’t understand how people are to know that there is a shelter opening if there is nothing said about it before it opens. There were a number of weather alerts put out by the NWS why couldn’t something have been planned when these weather alerts were put out? It doesn’t make any sense to expect people to show to something that there was NO prior notification about. The other weather type shelters that I have dealt with were always given at least 12 hours notice before they opened, in some cases they were announced days before as soon as the weather alerts were put out. Why can’t that be done here?