Friends of Rail Road Flat School Many Thanks to Supporters of our Efforts in The Butte Fire Recovery

Rail Road Flat, CA…Now four months after the fire The Friends of Rail Road Flat School which is a local grass roots non-profit group under the auspices of Blue Mountain Community Renewal Council is still hard at work meeting the needs of Fire Survivors. Currently we are stocking and distributing goods from our Butte Fire Relief Donation Truck, Thanks to Volcano Phone Company for loaning us the truck. Our truck is available at the Mountain Ranch Resource Center every Thursday 9-11am, and various stops afterwards (current schedule at Senders and RRF Post Office). The truck is also available to Fire Survivors anytime by contacting one of the team members listed at the end of this letter. The trucks main focus is immediate need: water, food, clothing, heat, propane, tarps, gloves, hats, cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, etc….

Our Ladies

We have a limited supply of kitchen appliances, dishes, etc to help those getting into houses. When we get funding we purchase gift cards to local gas stations, grocery stores, and hardware, these gift cards are amazing for folks. They can get what they need when they need it. Many people are relying on propane for heat right now, making the gift cards to stations where they can get fuel or propane so very essential to them. We have asked for and received donations of “Mr.Buddy Heaters” that operate on propane. For those lucky enough to get a 5 gallon tank to attach to one of these heaters, it might heat their trailer for 4-5 days depending on how frugal they are and how cold it is. On average it cost $18.00 to get their tank filled up, so for some families they are paying upwards of $130.00 a month on propane.

Many of these folks owned their homes free and clear and were uninsured. They were self – sufficient and stable. They are now having to scrape by, pay rent and/or pay to try to make their land once they had a home livable again. Many are without toilet or shower, running water, or electricity. Every day is a challenge still! The need is still very great and is outweighed by the lack of assistance they are receiving.

This letter is not intended to point out the lack of assistance and hardships of those living the devastation. This letter is to acknowledge the need as we see it, and acknowledge those that are helping us give just a little help to those in need.

The various sources of donations are far too numerous to mention and remember, so if some are forgotten please forgive and let us know. Many of these folks and organizations rallied to help out fire victims. Some with specific wish lists, some with cash donations, some with gift cards, some with items off our amazon wish list. We absolutely could not do what we are doing without each and every one of you!

In no particular order- thank you for your support! The Walk In Closet, Cindy at the Avery Post Office, Mountain Peoples Organics, Thomas Infusino, Kari Carpenter, Dana and Stacey Mills, Tony Boitano, Benita Asher, Staci Albright, Terry & Susan Weatherby, Carol & Kirk Schmidt, Carmel Doll and Toy Club, My Own School Families, Casey Cleland, Gina Hesseltine, Sierra Health Foundation, Christina Conroy, Amy Monsen, Jan & Patty Schultz, Big Trees Community Bible Church, James & Rosemary Schonert, United Methodist Churchs of Amador County, Michele Price, Debra, Billie Shields, Mountain Ranch Fire Relief Fund, Union Congretional Church, VarnBuhlers, Lee Bergman, Haack Family, Marianne Gravitt, Serena Gillete, Robert Erk, Julie Eggert, Burson Full Gospel Church, Al’s Tires, Open Arms Rescue Group, Calaveras Community Foundation, Debbie Nelson, Fastenal, Fastenal Employees, Lloyd Appling, Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, High Mowing Seeds Company, Barbara Cabrol, Sara Cabrol, Sara Berweger, along with many anonymous donations – we hope you are reading this and know how much we truly appreciate it!

Thank you to CCAR, The Hive, Keeley Carpenter, Staci Albright, Katie Clark, Amber Miller, Cierra Sandoval, Nancys Hope, Sue Standerfer, Heather Nordstrom, Everyone at the Out of Weather Warming Center Calaveras Grown, and many others for helping folks alongside of us “in the trenches”.

If while reading this you are currently in need of assistance or know of someone who is please let us know if we can help you in any way. Rochelle Autumn 304-8932, Terry , 293-4399 Holly (916)477-8125

If you would like to donate to Local Butte Fire Victims through Friends of Rail Road Flat School 501c3 under the auspices of BMCRC. Please contact Autumn Andahl (209)304-8932 or Rochelle Sweet (209)256-7587
PO Box 223 Rail Road Flat, Ca. 95248
We have a current Amazon Wish List and Pay Pal Account.
Please visit our facebook page or website for more info!

Thank you, Autumn Andahl & The FORRFS Butte Fire Relief Team