Lumsden Road Off Highway 120 Closed By Rock Slide

Sonora, CA…Lumsden Road, about 4.5 miles off of Ferretti Road and a half mile above Merals Pool, is currently impassable due to a large rock slide.


Stanislaus National Forest’s Groveland District Ranger Jim Junette anticipates the road will reopen sometime next week, depending on weather conditions and when crews can get the appropriate equipment to the site to remove the material in the road. The Lumsden campground remains open, but vehicle access is restricted, he added.

“Our top priority is the safety of forest visitors, residents and employees,” Junette said. “When traveling on the Forest, please travel at a speed safe for the conditions – you never know what’s around a blind curve; there might be rocks, debris or a tree in the middle of the road.”