Moaning Cavern Adventure Park Zip Line Pumpkin Smash Saturday, October 29th

Vallecito, CA…Get ready to drop pumpkins while zipping up to 30 miles an hour on the 1500-FT Twin Zip Lines at Moaning Cavern Adventure Park! It’s $45 per zip (no discounts) and that includes the pumpkin, while supplies last.


If you are skilled enough to hit our bullseye targets, you win a free zip line ride and a free Moaning Cavern souvenir t-shirt! AND we are adding a last minute drawing to sweeten the deal! Each Zip Line Smash participant will have a chance to win one of 4 FREE zip line rides with a FREE souvenir t-shirt! We will contact our lucky WINNERS by November 4th!
Check our Moaning Cavern Facebook page to see who wins!!!

The Zip Line Pumpkin SMASH begins at 10am and will continue until 4pm. It looks like Mother Nature may make it a bit more challenging by adding some rain to our day, but we plan to smash pumpkins anyway! We may take short pumpkin smashing breaks if it gets a little too rainy or windy.

Visit our Zip Line Pumpkin SMASH web page for rules and restrictions, or give us a call at

Have a Happy Halloween!