My Two Cents, For What It’s Worth! ~ Letter To The Editor By Doug Shinn

Arnold, CA…Thank you Merita, Barden and others for bringing Measure D forward. Both D and C may seem complicated. However when you boil this down it’s quite simple and does make good sense. This is written in order to give our County command, control and income over a defined land use, the cultivation of cannabis. And if State prop 64 passes that will allow personal use (and polls say it will) then it becomes even more imperative to be ahead of the curve. A yes vote does not mean you condone, promote or use cannabis for any reason, medical or personal. It just means that you recognize the reality that it’s here and should be controlled and taxed. Like any other land use.


So simply put, do you want it regulated or unregulated? Do you want taxes into the County coffers or not? The County has already accepted about $4 million in permit fees so far. And future income will be considerable. The measure is very simply written and gives the County direction to regulate cannabis cultivation within “authorized zones”. To control the issuing of licenses and use permits and enforce all other rules and regulations that the County has . In other words the County will fully regulate and control cultivation using all their standards and requirements that exist under law. And if we know government that’s a large stack of regulations that must be complied with. I think this will separate the good actors from the bad and give law enforcement a much clearer and more well defined direction.

Read both measures and D and C on page 6 of the sample ballot. Both are very concise!!

This is clearly history repeating itself with past issues of alcohol prohibition. Ultimately people wanted it, government now carefully and strictly regulates it and reaps big revenues from it. All the police powers in this country couldn’t stop it. You don’t drink, no problem, and the controls and taxes benefit us all.

Many may not like it, but this product is an industry in its infancy, here now and more to come. Either regulated and taxed by measure D and C or we go back to the Wild Wild West with the outlaws outnumbering the Sherrifs.

Change is hard. Think logically and be practical. The Stockton Record has an eye opening article on the subject. Millions of dollars in venture capitol is moving into California and this “industry”. Delivery systems are being debated, it’s not “if” it’s when.

Blindly voting NO is not going to help, sorry it’s just reality. Supporting a future ban won’t work either.

Common sense rules and regulations can and will work for all of us. Clarity at every level is imperative.

The tax flow can and will make a big difference. Like it or not Calaveras County has already taken steps to more successfully control and tax this land use. This is the next best step.

I urge you to do this, get involved, ask questions, become informed. This is just my opinion today, I reserve the right to modify it at any time.

Thank you,
Doug Shinn