Out Of The Weather Rally Butte Fire Survivors Dec 3rd and 4th ~ Letter To Editor By Charles Dudley Jr.

Mountain Ranch Ca. Out of ashes and the cold comes forth a group of Private Citizens working under the banner of “Mountain Ranch Community Relief Efforts” bringing together concerned Butte Fire Volunteers and the Victims themselves to open a tiny Over Night Weather Shelter in the Mountain Ranch Town Hall for the sole purpose of giving any Butte Fire Survivor a place to come and get in out of the cold if they do not have a place to go. The group is planning this following the Weather Forecasts and are in Go Mode for the nights of Dec 3rd and Dec 4th. This is an all volunteer effort working to restore hope, trust and faith once again to the victims of the Butte Fire who might have fallen through the cracks in the system. Here is the actual post from their ” Out Of The Weather Rally ” event off their Facebook Page. The group as a whole believes even if only a few families come in out of the cold or just one family it all worth the effort put forth due to their strong belief system and faith in helping others worse off than they are. Maybe this goes back to the old saying of “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”. We need more such people in our region and society. This also comes out of the lack of services by the Calaveras County Government Center and the big local 501c3 Disaster Relief Org. This group is making things happen others are not willing to at this time.

The Mountain Ranch Out of the Weather Rally is our response to the need of #Buttefire survivors for a warm, safe, dry place to be during inclement weather in the area.

This will be held at the Mountain Ranch Community Hall at 8049 Washington Street, Mountain Ranch, CA


This Event is being provided by concerned community members and private citizens. Everything is being donated by private citizen and all involved are volunteers.

The Out Of The Weather Rallies will be Thursday and Friday Nights, December 3 and 4, 2015 from 6PM until 7AM each night respectively. This is based on weather predictions for the area and more Rally dates will be added soon following the most severe of the extended weather forecasts which are predicting lows into the low 30’s and high 20’s.

Services will be available for Butte Fire Survivors Only. Meals and beverages will be available. Survivors are encouraged to bring their own bedding if possible. We will have some bedding on hand for those in need. Small to medium size family pets are welcome. All pets remain the responsibility of the pet owner. All pets must be in a crate while in the Hall. We may have some crates available for use but encourage pet owners to bring their own if possible.

This Rally and all future Rallies will be alcohol and drug free.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering may contact us through this page Mountain Ranch Community Relief Efforts or by email to Trisha Chalk at servant2him@live.com

We need volunteers for shelter staffing, communication, meals, and transportation.
A list of donations needed will be added to this event shortly on the Facebook page linked above.
All donations will need to be dropped of at the MR Hall the day of the rally.
Keep watching this page for all information. We will be updating on a regular basis.
Thank you to everyone who is making this happen!!! We can’t do it without YOU!!