Proposition 64 Endangers California Water Supply ~ Letter To The Editor By Donnasue Jacobi

San Andreas, CA…Dear Editor, I have something to say about the Proposition 64 Marijuana prop that’s
on the ballot and as a Butte Fire survivor from this past summer, I am very concerned that NO ONE has addressed the issue of water resources in the Sierra Foothills where a great deal of it is grown. Where are the feasibility reports about the devastation to our water resources?


Many long time residents of Calaveras have had wells go dry because of all the pot growers around their ranches. Pot farms use a tremendous amount of water, give and throw off toxins to the grounds. But more
important is that the oil from the leaves create an unbelievable destructive oil resin that helped spread the Butte Fire in Calaveras, Tuolumne and Amador counties.. When pot leaves catch fire they explode.

If Californians are worried about the effects of drought, they must consider the massive amounts of water that pot farms use. California cannot afford to legalize commercial pot. I’d like to know why no one has ever written anything about the detrimental effect of pot farms on California water resources that are dwindling every day.

The money that will be made for criminals and taxes cannot replace needed water.

Donnasue Jacobi
San Andreas