Rim Fire Audio Tour

Sonora Ca.

Source: http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/stanislaus/home/?cid=stelprd3845549

In the wake of the third largest wildfire in California’s history, Stanislaus National Forest is rising from the ashes. Join us on our road to recovery and learn how mega-fires are impacting landscapes across the west.

The Rim Fire is a compelling story about a wildland fire that blazed through Stanislaus National Forest in August of 2013. It burned 55 percent of the Groveland Ranger District and had a lasting impact on many natural resources including soils, watersheds, tree cover and wildlife. It also disrupted neighboring communities, causing several towns to evacuate as the fire approached.

In total, it consumed 257,314 acres of land. Meanwhile, it spewed a mushroom cloud of smoke into the mid-west; blistered paint off of Highway 120; threatened the water supply for San Francisco; consumed 98 outbuildings and 11 homes and brought world-wide attention on the need to improve forest health across the west.

To hear the story of the Rim Fire, download these free mp3 files to enjoy on your drive. The 11 stop tour, which begins from the Groveland Ranger District Office, is marked with numbered posts. An interpretive flyer can also be obtained at the Ranger Station to guide you along the way.

The Stanislaus National Forest thanks Susan Valot for her efforts to capture the voices and sounds of the Rim Fire in the production of this audio tour.