Rudolph Is On Standard Presentencing Terms

Alpine County, CA…Rudolph is on standard Presentencing terms. He cannot consume any eggnog, milk or cookies without a doctor’s authorization. He is subject to testing for those prohibited substances as well.


He is also subject to search of his Reindeer self, sleigh and barn for any prohibited or otherwise illegal substance. Said searches can be performed by any member of law enforcement with or without a warrant at any time of day or night.

He does have special authorization to leave the State for the period of 12/24/16 through the end of 12/25/16. Other than that, he may not leave the State at any time without prior written authorization by the Probation Officer or the Court.

Rudolph may not frequent any places where eggnog, cookies or milk are the chief items for sale, nor associate with any other users of eggnog, milk or Christmas cookies.