Sacramento Church Supports Butte Fire Survivors

Sacramento, CA…In late December, a Christian Church based in a Sacramento suburb followed-up on their promise to help survivors of the Butte Fire to thrive. Jeannie Hayward of Calaveras Recovers (and the Resource Connection) told the group of churchmen that their, “wonderful efforts would be very appreciated” by the community here. The church of Christ Community delivered a check in the amount of $6,595.00 to Ms. Hayward for Calaveras Recovers to use in the rebuilding of the communities impacted by the fire.


The church had reached out immediately after the Butte Fire and asked
about some of the needs and requests for the people in the fire-torn region.
Pastor Bill Corbin told Calaveras Recovers that his congregation has, “a place
in our hearts” for the fire survivors, and their Carmichael, California church
team wanted to bring a check as a gift to Calaveras Recovers for the unmet
needs resulting from damages suffered due to the Butte Fire.

The church delegation that visited Calaveras County to help are:
Pastor Bill Corbin, Ryan Sheloy, Ron Fix, Ken Miller, Kevin Clancy and Ron

Calaveras Recovers is a post-disaster recovery organization. Calaveras Recovers provides
resources and support to those individuals and families devastated by the Butte Wild Fire.
focusing on those whose needs have not been met by insurance or government aid programs.
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