Search Warrant Reveals Large Industrial Marijuana Facility In San Andreas

San Andreas, CA…On 10/27/16 the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant after an inspection found a very large industrial marijuana processing facility at 833 Highway 49 in San Andreas.






35 people were taken into custody after the Sheriff’s Office found some of the old airport hangars had been turned into a large illegal marijuana processing facility. Several of those taken into custody were from Honduras, El Salvador and Mexico. All were working in one facility and reported they were not in the US legally. One male who was in control of the facility at the time of arrest was from Miami Florida.

Inside of another attached warehouse several other subjects were also arrested. Those arrested included subjects from Bulgaria, Iceland, Colorado, Ohio and California.

Representatives from Calaveras County Environmental Health, Code Enforcement, the San Andreas Fire Department and the District Attorney’s Office were also at the facility. Authorities found numerous fire code, building code and health and safety code violations due to the conditions and modifications of the buildings. Many of the doors to the building had been bolted shut. There were several additional hazardous issues that posed a threat to those working inside of the structures. The location was deemed unsafe.

Most of the subjects arrested were charged with conspiracy to cultivate, transport and process marijuana. Subjects were also charged with possession of marijuana for sale. Some subjects were arrested for outstanding arrest warrants. Additional charges may be forthcoming.

At the time of this press release over 2 and one half tons of marijuana has been seized. A second press release will be issued at a later date.

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  1. P Youngblood   November 1, 2016 12:35 pm - at 12:35 pm

    I wonder if this was the same hanger owners evicted Calaveras Gold Gymnastics from after 18 years in Business? I think the Gymnastics was better for our youth. But, owner wanted to make more money.