Sheriffs Uncover Burglary While Investigating Domestic Dispute

Groveland, CA…On Sunday afternoon just before 1 PM, Deputies responded to a residence on Elder Lane in Groveland for a report of an assault. A woman reported that her boyfriend, 29 year old Brice Johnson attacked her with a guitar and a bat. She stabbed him in self-defense and was worried that he may need medical attention.


When Deputy Worthington arrived at the home, he noticed several windows and a glass patio table were broken. He knocked on the door several times and announced his presence. A man exited the home and identified himself as Brice Johnson. He had scratches on his face and blood running down the right side of his head, behind his ear. An ambulance was on the way to treat him but he advised the deputy he did not need an ambulance. The deputy notified Johnson that he had a warrant for his arrest in which he said he was aware. When Deputy Worthington asked Johnson if he lived at the residence and if it was his home, Johnson told him the home was given to him in a deed.

Deputies entered the home looking for other occupants. While inside the house they noticed blood drops in the kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom. Furniture was out of place and broken along with paperwork scattered throughout the rooms. The home alarm box was pulled from the wall and several wires were cut.

A records check revealed that the home did not belong to Johnson. Dispatch contacted the rightful home owners who stated they reported a burglary to their shed a week prior and no one should be at the home. When confronted with this information Johnson admitted to burglarizing the shed, breaking into the home and disarming the alarm.

Johnson’s girlfriend was interviewed at a separate location in Jamestown. She had visible injuries that matched the event detailed to the deputies. When Johnson continued to attack her she used the knife in fear for her safety.

Johnson was treated at the hospital and transported to the jail for booking on charges of burglary, corporal injury on a cohabitant, assault with a deadly weapon, and his warrant for failing to appear on possession of a controlled substance charge.