“Should Kearney Get The Boot?,” A Column By Roy Estakhri

Calaveras County, CA…For some people giving Kearney the boot is a no brainier, they feel as if they were bartered or disenfranchised and, no debate is necessary “he needs to go” That may be very correct. I think the frustration with district 5 voters (Me being one of them) are warranted, mistakes have been made. But who made them? Mr. Kearney stated “wants and wishes’ of a select few should outweigh the ‘needs and wishes’ of the many in Calaveras County” Do you believe that? This statement that Mr. Kearney made I think is a window into a greater problem that goes beyond just our little community and, Kearney is just a small part of the greatest problem of all (US) the voters, the people, the citizens. Sounds crazy but bear with me a moment as I give you my break down of the craziness.


Here are some of what would seem to be very important topics that are on our minds going in to this election: asphalt plant, cannabis, gun control, planning, zoning, schools, privacy, terrorists, immigration, jobs, taxes and, safety to just name a few. I could spend days going in to these topics individually but don’t stop reading yet because I just want to talk about the one thing that all of these topics have in common. WE all have strong feelings and ideas about all of them. Our ideas and solutions are diverse backed with conviction and our general love for our loved ones and our community. So what happens when we can’t agree on solutions to some of this age old controversies? We fight, split, form groups and sub groups with the intent of promoting our agenda and every few years we vote for a man or woman on a white horse who claims they have all the answers to your problems.
Politicians go group to group, individual to individual and tell them what they want to hear and come election time we all say to ourselves finally we have someone who is going to make everything work. When our guy wins it feels good to be on the winning team and we all know how the story ends, with disappointment, anger and the feeling of betrayal. Some politicians knew that they were deceiving us and some, a very small amount get into office and don’t know what to do they have a deer in the head lights moment where they realize they can’t make everybody happy and end up stepping in it eventually when they ultimately make a decision based on who was financing their campaign. And then the cycle repeats itself.

So who is to blame for the mistakes and shortcomings of our government and Mr. Kearny? I tell you my friends we are. Our government is a direct reflection of us. We need to stop putting faith in a champion on a white horse with empty promises. The only individual that is going to make a difference is YOU and we do that by knowing that our rights are not given to us by man but by God and no man has the right to make a law that takes away your right to life, liberty and property. It’s time to swear an oath to the only earthly thing that has ever made us free, prosperous and safe and that is the greatest governmental document known to man a document that stems from the great Magna Carta of old a document that was paid for with the blood of our ancestors a document that is a reflection of some of the greatest people who walked the earth a people that believed in freedom. When we have made a commitment to draw a line in the sand and only elect representatives that uphold the constitution with no exceptions and then hold their feet to the fire then we can point the finger.

Now back to Mr. Kearny. I like Mr. Kearny I think he is a nice man and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I think he has good intentions and he does care about the community however does that qualify him to be our representative? The asphalt plant debacle was not handled properly in my opinion because the property owners surrounding the plant have property rights as well and the situation should have been handled as a property dispute and there should have been some kind of mediation to explore all the concerns and maybe a reasonable study to elevate the concerns of the people that own property next to the query. Should he get the boot for that? I would say no, if he had a deer in the head lights moment got in over his head, and made a bad call. However when he justifies his actions by saying “the needs of the many outweigh the few” that raises gigantic red flags! No. Mr. Kearny we don’t live in a socialist government were if a majority of the wolves vote to eat the sheep the sheep gets eaten. WE live in a republic were the individuals are protected by the natural laws that are outlined in the constitution. That kind of thinking is dangerous especially in this uncertain political clement and for that reason yes I think he should get the boot.

Let us all band together and swear an oath to the constitution with no exception and demand the same from our representatives. Let the constitution be our only line in the sand.