Support Steve Kearney~ A Letter To The Editor

Calaveras County, CA…This letter is in support of Supervisor Steve Kearney, because of his tremendous contributions to Calaveras County. I have had the opportunity to work with him through the Commission on Aging for Calaveras County and I have found him to be a hard worker, with a big heart and with a strong background in helping people throughout the County on many tough issues.


We need Supervisors like him to continue to make good decisions and to support the citizens of this County. It would be a huge Mistake to go in a different direction based on two issues which he worked on very hard and came up with good decisions while being faced with laws that didn’t allow him to express his thinking on the important issues affecting the County. In looking at his input and support of our Commission, he has provided us with very well thought out input and we are all better off due to his hard work and great enthusiasm for his job. I strongly encourage you to keep Steve Kearney as a Supervisor. Sincerely, Rex Whisnand , Resident of Calaveras County.