Suspect Arrested In West Point Area Burglary & Vehicle Theft After High Speed Chase

San Andreas, CA….Gomez, was driving a stolen Honda SR-4 in Arnold when a citizen observed the vehicle traveling directly behind her. She recognized the vehicle from a Nixel report and contacted 911. A CHP unit was in the area of Hathaway Pines when he observed the vehicle pass his location. CHP initiated an enforcement stop on the vehicle. However, the suspect failed to yield and continued westbound on SR-4.


The pursuit continued into Angels Camp at which time the vehicle turned right onto northbound SR-49. An Esparto man while driving a Kenworth was traveling northbound on SR-49 just north of Carol Kennedy Rd. The pursuit continued northbound and as the suspect approaches the big rig he begins to pass the Kenworth across the double yellow lines.

After passing the big rig, the suspect in the Honda swerves back into the northbound lane and in doing so sideswipes the truck. The truck driver loses control of the Kenworth and runs off the road and overturns (partially blocking the northbound lane). The Honda continues northbound but due to the damage it is unable to continue any further.

The Honda comes to a stop at the Cement Bridge and the suspect tries to take foot bail. However, CHP units were able to take the suspect into custody. He was booked into the Calaveras County Jail on the following charges:

1. 10851(a)VC – Possession of a Stolen Vehicle
2. 2800.2(a)VC – Evading Arrest
3. 23153(a)VC – Felony, Driving Under the Influence
4. 20001(a)VC – Felony, Hit & Run

P-1 is also a suspect in a home invasion and car jacking in the West Point area. Calaveras Sheriff is investigating those charges.

V-2 was transporting Lime Ash when it overturned. Spill was contained and not a danger to the waterways. OES was called to the scene to assist with the spill. 1-way traffic control was set up, SR-49 just north of Carol Kennedy Rd, at 8:52 am and remains in effect.


One Response to "Suspect Arrested In West Point Area Burglary & Vehicle Theft After High Speed Chase"

  1. Bobbie Jo Oliver   October 11, 2016 6:39 pm - at 6:39 pm

    Law enforcement needs to stop high speed chases except in cases where the person is a murder, rape, or kidnapping suspect. There is too much collateral damage.