Thank You Deputy District Attorney Jeff Stone ~ By Gary L. Stevens

San Andreas, CA…I would like to express my appreciation to Calaveras County Deputy District Attorney Jeff Stone for his courteous demeanor during the recent Kenfort Williams court case. Mr. Stone contacted me in advance to notify me that the case was coming back to court for trial. Mr. Stone took the time to discuss the merits of the the case with me. I had intended to watch part of the trial, however the case settled, and there was no trial.

Mr. Stone called me and explained the reason for the case resolving without a trial. Mr. Stone had extended an offer to Williams. I feel that if a trial was held, Williams stood a good chance of being released from custody with no supervision.

Because of Mr. Stone’s efforts in crafting the offer, he was able to extend some measure of accountability and supervision for Williams as opposed to his being released. In my opinion, Williams still poses a threat to law enforcement and the public.

Mr. Stone, I understand better than most, you don’t get a public, “Thank you” very often. Mr. Stone, thank you.

Gary L. Stevens
San Andreas