Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Logs For November 29th

Sonora, CA… Tuolumne County Sheriff’s logs through November 29th are enclosed:


Tuesday, November 29, 2016
00:33 ALARM ALL TYPES 1611290001
Occurred on Oxbow Ln S, Sonora. Diress alarm ////0037hrs Spoke with the homeowner who is having problems
with his alarm and tv. No emergency at the residence. Homeowner advised to cancel. ////0050hrs 2x diress
alarms. ////0051hrs spoke with who advised he was on the phone with xfinity trying to get his alarm fixed.
///0103 hrs rp called back and there is an additional duress alarm, spoke with and he stated he is still c4 and
does not need assistance. . Disposition: False Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will not be billed).
01:59 TRAFFIC STOP 1611290005
Officer initiated activity at Ralphs Station, Tuolumne Rd/Soulsbyville Rd, Sonora.Obstructed plate
Summary: Traffic stop conducted due to equipment violation and obstructed license plate. Driver checked
clear, warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).
02:17 WELFARE CHECK 1611290006
Occurred on Mount Everest Ct, Sonora. Rpts the teenager is on her roof and closed the flu on her wood stove
and her house is filling with smoke. Rp believes that the teenager is covering the flu from the roof.
Service Class: RESD
Summary: Residence was smoke free and the flu was undisturbed, no further action required. . Disposition:
Occurred at Rosalindas on Hwy 108. , Jamestown. Rpts that there is a male pounding on her door, telling the rp
to open the door.
Summary: Contacted the Rp who stated the male was a friend of her next door neighbors who was looking for
her room. NFA
Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:37.884325 Lon:-120.50122
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Log Note.
Occurred on Charlotte Ct, Soulsbyville. Rpts 50yoa female on the line with a counsler advising she wants to
harm herself. Resp talking about writing a suicide note to her children, going out to the mountains, and fall
asleep in the cold. Rp req a welck. Rp is advising they poss got the resp to make a safety plan and will call
back for a welck if needed. ///0537hrs Rp called back and advised the resp agreed to a safety plan, assured the
rp she would not hurt herself, is making an appt for a counsler, and rp advised a welck is not needed any
longer. . Disposition: Log Note.
06:05 PATROL CHECK 1611290010
Occurred on Nelson Rd, Jamestown. Male subject wearing khaki pants, carrying a backpack was walking up
their driveway and when confronted he said he had the wrong house, he was sorry and walked away.
Checked the area. UTL. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.
06:43 ALARM ALL TYPES 1611290011
Occurred at Summerville Union High School District on Tuolumne Rd. , Tuolumne. Audible alarm, tripped at
the ROTC storage room, key holder pending. . Disposition: False Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will not be
06:46 ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS 1611290012
Occurred on Robina, Sonora. Raccoon in the backyard acting strange. . Disposition: Referred To Other
07:31 ANIMAL CONTROL CALLS 1611290014
Occurred on Lambert Lake Rd, Sonora. Rpts their cat apparently got into the engine compartment of her
husbands vehicle. This morning when he started his truck the cat got injured and they can’t get the cat out. .
Disposition: Animal Control (Dispatched by TCSO).
08:16 TRAFFIC STOP 1611290019
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 108/TWAIN Harte Dr, Twain Harte. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11
08:19 VANDALISM 1611290020
Occurred at Tuolumne Apartments on Tuolumne Rd. , Tuolumne. 594 to the rps vehicle, threats to throw rocks
thru the house windows.
Summary: report taken for 594. see 16-4026. . Disposition: Report Taken.
08:27 INJURED DEER 1611290022
Occurred at Hwy 108/VIA Este, Sonora. Wb lane, injured deer. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.
08:55 CITIZEN FLAG DOWN 1611290023
Officer initiated activity at Hwy 108/JACK Rabbit Tl, Sonora.Disabled Vehicle
Summary: requested a tow for a stranded motorist. nfa taken. . Disposition: Log Note.
09:06 FOLLOW UP 1611290024
Occurred at C And C Mini Mart on Victoria Pl. , Jamestown. 10-21 The rp re case 16004009.
Summary: Attempted contact at 0918 hours, no answer, message left. Closed pending re contact. Spoke with
RP by phone, who later went to the Sheriff’s Office and provided a bank statement to add to the case. See case
#16-4009 for details. . Disposition: Log Note.
09:28 FOLLOW UP 1611290026
Officer initiated activity at Preston Ln, Jamestown.Followup.
Summary: Follow up on previous case. . Disposition: Log Note.
09:30 SUSPICIOUS CIRC 1611290027
Occurred on Woodside Wy, Sonora. ** 10-21 RP ** Rpts last night at about 1930 hrs., Rp heard a door shut
outside. he went out to check and saw an older light colored van with an extended roof type camper with the
light on inside. Rp could also see a female inside. Shortly after the rp saw 2 males with flashlights return to the
van. he asked the males if he could help them and they replied, “No, we were just delivering a package.” Resp
then left the area. unkn license.
Summary: rp wanted to inform us of the above activity. told him we will conduct extra patrol in the area. nfa
taken. . Disposition: Log Note.
Occurred at Tuolumne Me-Wuk Indian Health Center on Cherry Valley Bl. , Tuolumne. Rpts a female 5150 in
their office. Subject has written 2 letters stating that she’s suicidal.
Service Class: PBXb
Summary: Subject did not meet the criteria for 5150 W&I and stated she had not intentions of harming herself
but she accepted a ride to CAIP for mental health help. . Disposition: Log Note.
10:08 THEFT – ALL 1611290030
Occurred at Mother Lode Mobile Estates on Tuolumne Rd. , Sonora. Theft of chain link fence.
Summary: Unknown persons stole eight rolls of cyclone fencing from the property. . Disposition: theft other.
10:10 PROB ALL OTHER 1611290032
Officer initiated activity at Shaws Flat Rd, Sonora City. . Disposition: Probation closing codes.
10:17 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1611290033
Officer initiated activity at Groveland Csu, Par Ct, Groveland.Summary: arrived at the CSU for advice. She
stated she use to have an 18 week puppy but had to find a temporary home for it because of her living
situation. On 11/24/16, her friend, agreed to take care of the dog. The RP found a new place to live that would
allow her to keep the dog. She contacted and asked for her dog back. was under the impression that the dog
was given to her and does not want to give her back. I viewed the text message between them two. The RP did
agree to give her the dog but then changed her mind at a later time. I called but there was no answer and a
message was left. I told the RP base on the text messages, it appeared she did give the dog to and this was
also a civil issue. . Disposition: Civil Problem.
10:35 FOLLOW UP 1611290035
Occurred on Mono Wy, Sonora City. F/U in case 16-3858. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.
Occurred at Barendregts Grocery on Main St. , Jamestown. Rpts 2 males in a black nissan have been sitting
behind the store for about 10 min, when rp was leaving his house they were staring him down…
passenger, ball cap
driver, beanie
Summary: Warrant arrest and paraphernalia cite, see case #16-4028. . Disposition: Arrest Made.
10:57 PROPERTY FOUND 1611290038
Occurred at Serrano Rd/Mono Wy, Sonora. Found cell phone. found near the bridge on Serrano Rd.
Phone logged in to evidence as found. See report. . Disposition: Report Taken.
11:22 AMBULANCE CALL 1611290040
Occurred at Hwy 108/BEARDSLEY Reservoir Rd, Strawberry. 66 YR OLD MALE, POSS HEART ATTACK
Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:38.196652 Lon:-120.03241
Service Class: W911. . Disposition: Coroners Case Natural Causes.
11:51 911 HANG UP 1611290042
Occurred at West Sonora Peak on Gibbs Dr. , Sonora. 911 HANG UP. voicemail on call back.
Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:37.979962 Lon:-120.40298
Service Class: W911. . Disposition: Log Note.
12:14 Harassments 1611290044
Occurred on Steiner Dr, Jamestown. RP REQUESTING 10-21 REGARDING HARASSMENT
Summary: Provided advice to the RP regarding how to prevent continous telemarketer phone calls. .
Disposition: Log Note.
12:41 BURGLARY 1611290048
Occurred on Apple Colony Rd, Tuolumne. 459 To the residence. . Disposition: 459 residence.
12:54 FIGHT OR DISTURBANCE 1611290049
Occurred on Highlander Ct, Twain Harte. RP HAD A 415 WITH A NEIGHBOR AND WOULD LIKE TO SPEAK
Summary: spoke with the rp who wanted to report an issue with a neighbors dog not being on a leash. I
explained the law to him and informed him to contact animal control. nfa taken. . Disposition: Log Note.
Occurred at Phoenix Lake Rd/Bear Cub Dr, Sonora. HERD OF SHEEP IN THE ROAD
Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:38.062381 Lon:-120.24643
Service Class: W911. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.
13:36 911 HANG UP 1611290051
Occurred at Rushing Hill Lookout on Rock River Rd/County Line. , Jamestown. 911 CALL WITH SOMEONE
Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:37.828889 Lon:-120.56844
Service Class: W911. . Disposition: Log Note.
13:37 FOLLOW UP 1611290052
Occurred at Money Mart on Mono Wy. , Sonora. X REFER C 16003923..RP REQUESTING 10-21, SHE HAS
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. . Disposition: Log Note.
14:00 MISC INFORMATION 1611290053
Occurred on Hwy 120, Groveland. Rp is calling from work at the Groveland Motel 962-4000. Rp wants to report
that she found items of hers that were taken on Friday but she never reported that they were missing.
Summary: RP stated someone took her Raider sweat pants and a purple t-shirt out of her dryer and hung them
on her fence. The RP believed the incident occurred sometime over the weekend. The RP requested
documentation only. . Disposition: Log Note.
14:10 ALARM ALL TYPES 1611290055
Occurred on Fernwood Dr, Jamestown. Audible, tripped at the living room motion, key holder pending.
//1413 hrs., 10-22 per proper cancel codes received. . Disposition: False Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will
not be billed).
14:12 ASSAULT 1611290056
Occurred on Nashua Rd, Sonora. RP AT THE DROP IN CENTER ON JACKSON ST
DV report taken. See case.
Summary: ATC at 2014 hrs. No answer, unable to leave voicemail. . Disposition: Log Note.
14:13 ANY CIVIL PROBLEM 1611290057
Occurred at Enterprise Rent-A-car on Mono Wy. , Sonora. Rp rpts his wife stole his idenity and won’t give it
back. //2nd rp the wife, Cecilia Kuhns, is saying that her husband has mental issues and is now walking down
the road. Resp is staying at Enterprise and won’t leave.
I spoke with all involved parties the rp requested that I retrieve his belongins from his wife. His wife provided
me with the belongings and i handed them to the rp. nfa taken. . Disposition: Log Note.
14:22 911 HANG UP 1611290058
Occurred on Mono Wy, Sonora. 911 HANG UP….X REFER 1611290057
Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:37.977279 Lon:-120.31887
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Log Note.
14:31 Calls Transferred to CDF (Public Service Request) Request) 1611290059
Occurred at Algerine Rd/Twist Rd, Jamestown. RP CAN SEE HEAVY SMOKE
Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:37.906845 Lon:-120.37069
Service Class: WPH2. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.
14:38 ALARM ALL TYPES 1611290060
Occurred on Wanita Wy, Twain Harte. Audible, tripped at the overhead garage door, key holder pending.
//1441 hrs alarm cancelled, subscriber error. . Disposition: False Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will not be
14:51 PATROL CHECK 1611290061
Occurred on Leland Meadow Rd, Strawberry. Rpts that a subject in the condos adjacent to the sno park is
outside on his deck shooting into the forest. Rp says that the resp is probably drunk and has numerous
Service Class: BUSN
Summary: Cpl Stuart and I resonded and made contact with all involved parties. was shooting from his condo
out towards the lake. We educated him on the law and explained that he could possibly go to jail for the
incident. He explained he was shooting to scare off wild life in the area. We explained if he was going to shoot
he had to do it in a safe and legal manner. He explained that he would not do it agian.
Spoke with the rp and explained that it was a misdemeanor that did not occurr in our presence. We explained
that we educated on the law and if he were to do it again he would go to jail. We explained the process behind
a restraining order and the rp said he was going to obtain one. nfa taken. . Disposition: Log Note.
14:52 TRAFFIC STOP 1611290062
Officer initiated activity at Mono Wy/Greenley Rd, Sonora City.Traffic stop for unsafe lange change driver
warned nfa taken. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used for 11-95s).
14:57 WELFARE CHECK 1611290065
Summary: Checked residence, nobody located. . Disposition: WELFARE CHECK.
15:02 911 HANG UP 1611290066
Occurred at West Sonora Peak on Gibbs Dr. , Sonora. 911 hangup. On call back spoke to a female and a male,
who would not give any information and said someone was just being stupid and then hung up.//1504 hrs
spoke to 14 yoa , who said that she was at Sonora High and they hit the emergency button. //Incident
forwarded to SPD.
Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:37.979962 Lon:-120.40298
Service Class: W911. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.
15:29 FRAUD 1611290068
Occurred on Oak Grove Cir, Groveland. 10-21 RP reporting fraud.
Summary: RP stated her son sold a residence that she and her son owned in Eldorado County. The RP stated
she did not authorize her son to sell the residence. I told her that this was a civil issue and would need to seek
a legal counsel. . Disposition: Log Note.
Occurred on Avenida Lugo S, La Grange. HORSES OUT ON J59
Service Class: RESD. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.
16:05 911 HANG UP 1611290071
Occurred at Black Oak Casino on Tuolumne Rd N. , Tuolumne. Numerous 911 calls from a cell phone with an
open line, sounds like a pocket dial.//On call back received voice mail and left a msg.
Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:37.974093 Lon:-120.23965
Service Class: W911. . Disposition: Log Note.
16:28 Calls Transferred to CDF (Public Service Request) Request) 1611290072
Occurred at Columbia Sky Mhp on Green St. , Columbia. LIFT ASSIST,
/RP TRANSFERRED TO FIRE. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.
16:42 TRESPASS 1611290073
Occurred on Chief Fuller Wy, Mi Wuk Village. Managers son was at his father residence, there is a verbal
agreement with the owners of the property that he is not suppose to be on the property, when subject was told
to leave by his father/apt mgr. he started screaming at the rp, flipping her off and grabbed his private parts and
shook it at her. Resp was heard saying F you several times. //10-22 per rp. resp is gone. she will consider
getting a restraining order. . Disposition: Log Note.
16:54 PATROL CHECK 1611290074
Occurred on Avenida Lugo N, La Grange. Neighbor is shooting again
Summary: Contacted the Rp and updated him on the situation and what is going on. Rp was very happy with
the progress and will keep us informed if it continues. . Disposition: Log Note.
17:07 SUSPICIOUS CIRC 1611290075
Occurred on French Flat Rd, Jamestown. 10-21 The rp regarding a suspicious female that came to the rps door
on Sunday and then showed up this morning near the property. And when the rps wife came home their
property gate was dismantled and open.
Summary: Spoke to RP who explained a female has been seen in the area two nights in a row wandering
around. RP believed the female was able to remove a pin from her gate without causing damage and walk onto
her property. RP wanted to inform TCSO of the incidents in case the Resp returns to the area. . Disposition:
Log Note.
Occurred at Hwy 108/TWAIN Harte Dr, Twain Harte. Elderly male walking eb on the highway at the top of the
grade, subject looked confused
tan jacket
//1733hrs Rp states the subject is on Hunts Rd now. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.
17:26 PATROL CHECK 1611290079
Officer initiated activity at Mary Laveroni Park, Hwy 120/BACK St, Groveland.Patrol Check of the park. .
Disposition: Crime Prevention, Patrol Check.
17:30 ALARM ALL TYPES 1611290080
Occurred on Quail Dr, Twain Harte. Audible, tripped at the garage motion detector, key holder pending. .
Disposition: False Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will not be billed).
17:43 ALARM ALL TYPES 1611290081
Occurred at Live Oak Music on Mono Wy. , Sonora. Audible alarm, teachers room motion
keyholder, Irv eta 15 min, white dodge
//1835 hrs., 10-22 per rp. keyholder checked out the business and found it to be secure. . Disposition: False
Alarm canceled prior to dispatch (Will not be billed).
18:10 WELFARE CHECK 1611290083
Occurred at El Dorado Motel on Twain Harte Dr. , Twain Harte. Rpts that her friend, , was talking on the phone
to her roommate, Resp told that he just wants to die and had to go throw up and would talk to her later. Per
the rp the resp is an alcoholic and relapsed a few weeks ago. Rp does not know what room he is staying in but
he has a white Chevy 4 door pk. ////2nd Rp spoke with the resp who advised she spoke with him an hour ago
and resp is HBD. Resp told the rp he wanted to die. rp is concerned because the resp is a diabetic and she is
not sure if he has taken his medication or has eaten.
Summary: Contacted resp, who was HBD, but denied he wanted to harm himself and did not meet 5150 W&I
requirements. No further action taken at this time. . Disposition: WELFARE CHECK.
18:33 PATROL CHECK 1611290084
Occurred on Sierra Dr, Twain Harte. Rp is calling from the bay area and had a missed call from his cabin in
Twain Harte. Rp says that no one should be there.
Summary: Residence was secure and no signs of forced entry. Rp was advised. . Disposition: Crime
Prevention, Patrol Check.
Occurred at Chicken Ranch Bingo And Casino on Chicken Ranch Rd. , Jamestown. 2 subjects were doing H &
S in the parking lot and drove off..rp was transferred to chp
Service Class: VOIP. . Disposition: Referred To Other Agency.
19:32 911 HANG UP 1611290088
Occurred on Crystal Rock Rd, Sonora. Immediate hang up – 911 only phone.
Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:38.007964 Lon:-120.4165
Service Class: W911. . Disposition: Log Note.
19:37 911 HANG UP 1611290090
Occurred on Crystal Rock Rd, Sonora. Immediate hang up – 911 only phone
Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:38.007964 Lon:-120.4165
Service Class: W911. . Disposition: Log Note.
19:47 SUSPICIOUS CIRC 1611290091
Occurred at Ninth Av/Maple Alley, Jamestown. Rpts people in the neighborhood are cutting down trees that
do not belong to them and on other peoples private property.
Summary: Checked area and did not locate any subjects. NFA. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.
21:04 FOLLOW UP 1611290093
Occurred at Sierra Energy on Hwy 108. , Jamestown. . Disposition: Log Note.
21:21 STOLEN VEHICLE 1611290094
Occurred on Mi Wu St, Tuolumne. The 10851 veh just pulled into the above residence. //Tribal security pulled
around the corner, unkn how many occupants or where they went. Rp will call back if the veh leaves. ///refer
to incident 1611290082
Summary: Male subject arrested for being in possession of stolen vehicle and active warrant, refer to report
for further information. . Disposition: Arrest Made.
Occurred at Jamestown Terrace Apts on Preston Ln. , Jamestown. Rpts a susp male subject walking around the
apts getting into people vehicles and checking doors at the apts.
desc/wma,20-30yoa,black beanie,black and gray jacket,khaki pants,backpack,duffell bag,looks homeless
last seen hanging ifo a white,truck in the parking lot next to the handicap parking spots.
Summary: Resp arrrested. See report for further.
Cellular E911 Call:
Lat:37.950146 Lon:-120.41281
Service Class: W911. . Disposition: Arrest Made.
22:03 WELFARE CHECK 1611290096
Occurred at Sierra Commons Apts on State St. , Columbia. Rpts the last three nights the neighbors kids are
always crying and the father is screaming at them. Rp is concerned for the children and req a welck.
Summary: Attempted contact with occupants of apartment. All lights were off and I did not hear any subjects
inside. Knocked on door several times without an answer. NFA. . Disposition: Log Note.
Occurred at Tuolumne Rd N/Mi Wu St, Tuolumne. Summary: Assisted CHP with a pursuit which ended in a
traffic collision. NFA. . Disposition: Assist Other Agency.
23:21 TRAFFIC STOP 1611290099
Officer initiated activity at Am/Pm, Mono Wy, Sonora.Summary: Stopped vehicle for suspended registration.
Driver was able to show proof of reinstated registration. Warning given. . Disposition: Warning Given (Used
for 11-95s).
Occurred on Blue Bell W, Sonora. Rpts her brother sent her a facebook message saying that he was going to
kill himself. Resp took a bunch of pain pills and is no longer responding to her. Rp has not seen her brother for
a couple of months. Rp believes her brother has a court date tomorrow and just broke up with his grilfriend.
Resp will not tell the rp where he is at but said he was home alone. Rp does not know his address above
address from from rims. Resp is on wifi through facebook messenger. Resp does not have a working cell phone
with a cell #. ///0033hrs Rp advised she has been talking to her brother and he seems to be calm and not talking
about suicide any longer. Resp is telling the rp he took pills earlier but not now. Resp told the rp he would not
harm himself and is feeling better. Rp advises she believes the resp was looking for attention because his life is
not going very well. Rp advised the deputies can cancel and does not believe her brother is a harm to himself.
Summary: ATC resp at listed address on Blue Bell but was advised he was not there and was believed to be in
Groveland. Resp was said to have a handgun with him and has made various suicidal threats within the last
month but has not taken any action. . Disposition: Gone On Arrival.