Vote Of No Confidence Letter By Vallecito Teachers

Avery, CA…The Vallecito Teachers Association has taken and passed a Vote of No Confidence in VUSD Board member Carol Gordon. Gordon is currently seeking reelection for another 4 year term to the Board. After two censures by the District’s Board based on recurrent behavior violating the Board Governance Handbook, Gordon has been banned from all three VUSD school campuses. Her inability to attend any events or school activities impacts her effectiveness as a Board member.


Gordon is also prohibited from personally contacting any VUSD staff member, which has led to a lack of communication and inability to be in touch with the concerns and issues of the District. Both censure documents and an investigative report are public record and have been presented at open session board meetings.

Currently, Gordon has at least three restraining orders against her, including one from a VUSD school principal. This order prevents her from attending Board meetings in person. In the community of Murphys, Gordon is banned from more than 15 local businesses, and has been arrested multiple times.
Gordon has not represented the District with the dignity, respectfulness, and honor the role dictates, leading to embarrassing and regretful incidents, and a lack of support from those she represents. During her term, Gordon has been asked to resign her seat by current and former Board members, community members, and friends. The teachers share the hope with other VUSD personnel and administration that Carol Gordon will decide to take the necessary steps to address her personal matters, and begin to redeem her standing in the school communities.

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  1. Sue Friedman   November 3, 2016 7:03 am - at 7:03 am

    Thank you, Tom. This is an important message that needed to be sent to the community.