Wild Land Fire Season Is Only A Few Months Away

Jackson Ca

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Fire Season is right around the corner once again. Time to get out and get your Property in a Fire Safe Condition. I cannot emphasize it enough to clear back from your homes as far as reasonably possible. The more Defensible Space you have the better off you are. Clear all ground and ladder fuels about head level. Thin out trees that could contribute to Crowning/Canopy Fires that could run and take out your home and out buildings and your animals. Have a Fire Evacuation Plan in place and ready to use. Work with your neighbors, subdivisions, HOA’s and all others around you in helping each other do the same. If absentee neighbors are near you contact the Owner or the County to find out the Owner’s Name or Real Estate Agent it is listed under to get it cleaned up. If all else fails contact CalFire ahead of time so they can step in and alert them to your concerns. Now is the time to be Pro Active and to prepare for the coming season while you can still burn and get rid of brush piles and hazardous fuel piles you generate.
Share this with your friends and where ever you feel it will do the most good in reaching out and educating others to be Fire Safe.