Calaveras Champions Team Conquer the Spartan “Beast” Race

San Andreas, CA…On March 30th, 2024, the Calaveras Champions Team conquered the San Jose Spartan “Beast” Race. The race, a grueling 13.8-mile running course with 30 obstacles, was completed by the team in about five and a half hours. The Calaveras Champions is an extracurricular team initially formed by the Sheriff’s Office, and it has grown to include numerous departments in the Calaveras County Government System. Those who participated in this Spartan Beast race included members of the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office, Calaveras County Behavioral Health, Calaveras County Human Resources, and the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors.


The completion of the Spartan Beast event was a testament to the collaborative spirit and unity of the Calaveras Champions Team. This team, intentionally comprised of members from multiple county agencies and leadership, fosters teamwork and innovative and insightful approaches to challenges, a true reflection of the shared commitment to excellence.

The event was held on March 30th, which coincidentally was the last day of “First Responder Wellness Week.”
First Responder Wellness Week was created as a yearly reminder that first responders experience traumatic events and stressful situations frequently and on a scale that is difficult for people outside of emergency services careers to comprehend. Ongoing stress and trauma can lead to heightened risk for depression, anxiety, heart disease, mental health challenges, and post-traumatic stress. It is recognized that regular exercise with fitness goals can build mental, cognitive, and physical resilience. Exercise, combined with access to appropriate resources help to ensure that first responders stay physically and mentally strong for their community and families.

In the true spirit of the team’s motto, “Do more than is required of you” (General George S. Patton), the team elected to complete an optional “extra” section of the course and finished the day having completed a total of 14.4 miles.