Grover Anderson & The Lampoliers at Brice Station’s Hilltop Concert Series

Murphys, CA…Grover Anderson made his bones penning story songs about love and disappointment and death, like a modern-day Sherwood Anderson (no relation). But after years of telling strangers’ stories, on 2024’s Hold Tight Together he decided to look inward. “This album doesn’t have anyone who dies in it, which is rare for me,” he says with a laugh. “Every song is about my life and my family.”

Anderson’s life begins and continues in the small town of Murphys, California, where he grew up on classic rock and Garth Brooks. After a stint studying theater at UCSB, Anderson found his voice on a European adventure, writing a song in every city he visited and marveling at the laughably simple notion that all these people and places he encountered would go on existing with no memory or care for his time spent with them. In 2014, he formed his band, the Lampoliers — featuring drummer Josh Certo, guitar player Marshall Henry, and bassist Dave Duggan — and released his first album, The Optimist. 2019’s The Frontman followed, then 2021’s Ode to Small Towns All the Lies That I Have Told. “If you work hard and make good stuff, people may notice,” he says. “But if you aren’t afraid of being told ‘no,’ you never know what will come of asking.” That mindset has seen him opening for America, Ty Bentli premiering the band’s single “Willie Nelson” on his Apple Radio show in 2021, and earning a slot at 2022’s Salmonfest in Alaska.