Celebrating Our Nations Founding at Hinterhaus

Arnold, CA…Cheers to the Undaunted. Unwaivering. And unapologetic. Our American forefounders knew exactly what they were doing. And at Hinterhaus, we can relate; we know that many of you can, too.

With a can-do attitude and a roll-up-the-sleeves mission, we wanted our family owned and operated distillery to reimagine distilled spirits in the context of our Sierra Nevada home. We invite you to JOIN US THIS WEEKEND AND EVERY WEEKEND for a taste through our spirits and handcrafted cocktails. Open Thursday, July 4, from 12-6, as well as Friday and Saturday from 12-6, and Sunday from 12-5!

We’ll be keeping our tasting and cocktail room as cool as can be on this hot weekend, and we’ll be curating tasting flights and chilled cocktails- including the Independence Day Weekend CHERRY SPIKED SLUSHY. Enjoy our hospitality and see why our spirits have fast gained national recognition.

Not in town? Head to our website to learn more about what we do and purchase our spirits! We offer shipping of select products to 41 states! www.hinterhausdistilling.com

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