Distribution of Clean Up Supplies, Safety Inspections & Damage Assessents Continue

San Andreas, CA…Distribution of Emergency Supplies. Thursday, 19 January 10:00AM to 2:00PM • Mountain Ranch Community Club, 8049 Washington St, Mountain Ranch, CA 95246 • Jenny Lind Fire, 6501 Jenny Lind Rd, Valley Springs, CA 95252 • Feeney Park, 300 Pennsylvania Gulch Road Murphys, CA 95247
Items to be Distributed:
• Bucket clean-up kits
✓ Mop
✓ Broom
✓ Cleaning product
✓ Gloves
✓ Mask • Limited number of tarps • Boxes of masks

Safety Inspections
The Calaveras County Building Department is conducting safety inspections on structures impacted by the storms. The examination is for the purpose of determining the condition for continued occupancy. Impacted structures will be tagged with one of the following placards:
GREEN: Lawful occupancy permitted
YELLOW: Limited occupancy permitted; repairs may be made.
RED: Unsafe structure; do not enter or occupy

Damage Assessments
Calaveras County, Cal OES, and FEMA officials will be out in the field again today performing damage assessments. These teams are gathering information on the amount of damage caused by the December/January storms and calculating dollar loss. The County and the City continue to work together with Cal OES to be included in the Presidential Declaration. There are approximately 160 impacted structures. Preliminary damage assessments are still underway.

The County and City continue to remind businesses and residents who have experienced major damages from winter storms and flooding events, to please report that information to the online damage assessment reporting portal links below. If you do not have internet access, please call the Community Information Line at 209-754-2855. An additional resource for disaster information is www.211now.com or call 2-1-1 directly.

The County’s on online storm damage information portal and fillable forms are located at:

The City’s online storm damage information portal and fillable forms are located at: https://angelscamp.gov/emergency-operations/

It is extremely important that owners and renters of residential and commercial properties document and report damages/costs they have incurred. This includes damage to private roads, culverts, retaining walls, etc. The County and City will also be sending out mailers to those who may have been impacted.

Also, Calaveras County property owners may qualify for assessed tax value relief due to calamity damage caused by storm damage and flooding. Forms and information are located at: https://assessor.calaverasgov.us/Portals/Assessor/Documents/Calamity Form.pdf. Please contact the Calaveras County Assessor’s Office at 209-754-6356 if you have questions.

Policyholders who have suffered storm damage are encouraged to contact their insurance agent to determine their coverage for winter storms, what dollar deductible might apply, and whether filing a claim makes sense based upon their particular situation and the type of policy they have. Claims frequency may impact the future premium or renewal, depending on the insurance plan. For instance, some policies offer a “claims free discount” that could be affected, and a small claim for food spoilage due to a power outage may not reach the deductible requirement. If people have questions about their coverage for winter storms or are having any problems getting a claim paid, they should contact the Department of Insurance at 800-927-4357 or via online chat or email at www.insurance.ca.gov.

Citizens who seek a warmed dry area are encouraged to visit public places, restaurants, and shopping centers.
The County and City want to remind citizens to please be safe, even If you haven’t been impacted but the storms thus far, be prepared to keep you and family safe.
on’t drive in flooded areas –turn around – don’t drown. Road conditions can change quickly from sinkholes and rock/mud slides. If you can avoid travel stay home. Most importantly, be aware of road crews as they have families too.

For real-time road conditions in Calaveras County can be found at the CA Highway Patrol webpage at https://www.chp.ca.gov/traffic. Click the communications centers dropdown menu and select Stockton. It is important to remember that during major storm events if you don’t need to drive – please don’t. Avoid hazardous road conditions and “Don’t Drown – Turn Around”. Please be aware of road workers, utility crews, and first responders. Let’s stay safe.

For mobile devises, access the California Department of Transportation Quick Maps App with provides timely road information visit: http://quickmap.dot.ca.gov/mindex.html.

County Public Works crews are clearing a large amount of vegetation debris caused by downed trees and mudslides and continue working to keep culverts and drainage ditches clear. Public Works wants to remind citizens to please NOT place debris in drainage ditches and culverts. Place vegetation in green waste receptacles and away from drainage areas or where flooding can wash it away.

Sandbag locations: Please limit the number of sandbags to 10 per resident and remember to bring your own shovel.
• Arnold Maintenance Yard, 1119 Linebaugh Rd. (Closes at 3:30pm)
• Glencoe Maintenance Yard, 16151 Hwy 26 (Closes at 3:30pm)
• Calaveras Consolidated Fire Station #3, 6501 Jenny Lind Rd. – NOTE: prefilled sandbags may be available
• Jenny Lind Yard, 11558 Milton Rd. (Closes at 3:30pm)
• San Andreas Rd Yard, 891 Mt Ranch Rd. in the parking lot below the shop building (Closes at 3:30pm)
• Mokelumne Hill Fire Protection District, 8160 Church St., Mokelumne Hill, CA
• Mountain Ranch Community Center Parking lot, 7869 Whiskey Slide Rd.
• Murphys Fire Station, 37 Jones St. – NOTE: prefilled sandbags may be available
• Vista Del Lago Cul-De-Sac near Valley Springs Dental, 313 Vista Del Lago – prefilled sandbags will be available
• Mangili Rd. Cul-De-Sac at Power Up Fitness gym, 145 Mangili Rd. – prefilled sandbags may be available
• Copperopolis Fire Department, 370 Main St.
• West Point Volunteer Fire Department, 195 Spink Rd.
• Angels Camp, sand and sandbags are available at 200 Monte Verda (behind the Police Department)

Those that may have been displaced from their homes during storm event and that need temporary housing should call the Community Call Center at 209-754-2855 for assistance. They are available daily from 9AM to 5PM. The call center will be available to answer questions, provide information on shelters, and additional resources. Additional resources include:
• County snowplow information line 209-754-6017.
• Public Works Roads line 209-754-6401 more information can be found at https://publicworks.calaverasgov.us/Winter-

• Calaveras County Animal Services small animal evacuation 209-754-6866
• Calaveras County Fairgrounds large animal/livestock evacuation 209-736-2561
• Calaveras County Community Information Center provides citizens with address specific information https://communityinfo.calaverasgov.us

Remember to sign up for the County’s Emergency Alert System at: https://member.everbridge.net/index/892807736729028/#/signup and visit the County’s Emergency Operations webpage for detailed storm information at https://www.calaverasgov.us/Calaveras-County/Emergency-Operations

The County and City will continue to monitor and report out regarding the situation. For more information contact the Community Call Center at 209-754-2855.