The 2023 CAMS Show

Copperopolis, CA…The premier event recognizing local talent, the Calaveras Arts & Music Awards, was held on January 15. 2023 at the Armory in Copperopolis. It was hosted by Richard Varrasso & Leilani Hollywood. The event featured live performances by a wide variety of talented artists including: Johnny Gunn Clan Dyken Richie Barron Ron Enos Leilani Hollywood Kris Osward Deborah Olguin Ras Beeken Dan Jeffrey Evans.

COVER SONGS PERFORMED ARE LICENSED THROUGH ALL PERFORMING SOCIETIES. To find out more about Creative Copperopolis and the CAMS go to… or contact Richard Varrasso at 510-792-8910. This event was produced and filmed by Creative Copperopolis.