Deputies Respond to a Person Possibly Carrying a Weapon

San Andreas, CA…On May 24, 2023, at about 7:15 AM, deputies were alerted to a male subject who was reportedly walking on Pope Street while possibly carrying a shotgun or rifle. Upon arrival, a deputy contacted the suspect, who immediately ran into his home. The deputy was not close enough to stop the subject and believed the subject to be carrying a weapon.    

The deputy attempted to communicate with the suspect while asking him to come out of the residence; however, he refused to comply. Additional resources from the Sheriff’s Office, including a Calaveras County Crisis Negotiator, Behavioral Health, and CHP, were deployed to the area to help resolve the matter peacefully. Despite significant effort, the person refused to comply or meaningfully engage with the negotiator. 

Due to the lack of witnesses and verifiable information regarding the subject possessing a weapon, the bulk of the deputies assigned to the incident were released. A few remained in the area to ensure the subject did not immediately leave his residence. 

Persons who directly observed the person possessing a weapon or taking items are encouraged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 209-754-6500.