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Vallecito, CA…Our mission is to help our members of the Calaveras County community achieve a healthy lifestyle in a non-intimidating clean, friendly environment. We pride ourselves on our family like atmosphere, which makes us unlike any other facility in the area. “Where friends and family work out together” Please call us at 736-0039 with any questions, we are here to help you accomplish your Health and Fitness  Goals!

What have you done for yourself lately? At Family 4 Fitness we can help you look better, feel better, get healthy and stay that way. What’s great is you can have fun working out too. We have certified personal trainers that can provide you with a personalized work-out program that is just for you. You will feel comfortable here. Our members make it a fun place to be.

Exercising is the absolute best way to keep your heart, mind, and body healthy. Has your doctor recently told you that your triglycerides are too high? That you are on the brink of being diagnosed with diabetes? Have you noticed that your thoughts are not as clear or positive as they used to be? Regular physical activity can help prevent and manage your blood pressure, burn calories (manage your weight), boosting your energy level, help you sleep better at night, and stimulate brain chemicals that will leave you happy! Our goal at the Family 4 Fitness Center is to keep you healthy. . .

The American Heart Association recommends 210 minutes of moderate exercise a week.

Hours of Operation

Now open 24 hours, year round!
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