Murphys Couple to be New Owners of The Dogwood

Arnold, CA…Dear Arnold and Community, I want to thank everyone for their continued support of the Bistro, especially during such turbulent times. When I decided to take on Arnold’s Dogwood earlier this year, I intended to further the cuisine in Arnold and uphold the high standard of food quality we have operated with at the Bistro for years. It is with both a heavy heart and immense gratitude that I am passing the Dogwood torch to a couple based in Murphys.

This decision did not come lightly, but with staffing shortages and to ensure the continued success of the Bistro, the Creamery, and the expanding endeavors relating to these businesses, I knew in my heart that it would be best to continue the Dogwood legacy by passing it on. The new owners will bring their own flair to the menu and business and come with years of experience.

This means exciting things are coming for the Bistro—we are upping our game. BBQ, smoked goods, events, and more summer concerts are in our future. As some may know, I have also opened up a snow removal business to ensure safety and accessibility within our community. Stop by for a warm plate and even warmer coffee at the Bistro this season, and please join me and the team in welcoming the new owners of Dogwood.

-Larry and team

One Response to "Murphys Couple to be New Owners of The Dogwood"

  1. Anonymous   October 31, 2023 12:46 pm - at 12:46 pm

    lame reporting, who are new owners?