Hinterhaus’s North Grove Vodka Named Best Varietal Vodka!

Arnold, CA…BIG NEWS this week for our distillery. Our North Grove Vodka earned the distinction of the Best Varietal Vodka in the USA from the World Vodka Awards!  Later in February, it will go on to compete on the world stage in London against the other Best of Countries varietal vodkas!

We’re proud to shine a global spotlight on our Sierra region with our award-winning spirits, and our North Grove Vodka is no different. It’s available for shipping to 41 states on our website: https://www.hinterhausdistilling.com/shop. If you have a vodka fan in your life, or a distilled spirit enthusiast, this is a bottle that we think has earned its place on everyone’s bar!

We realize that vodka isn’t a spirit which often enjoys the kind of coddling that we give ours at Hinterhaus. But we also have seen firsthand the results. Not only has our North Grove Vodka become one of our biggest award-winners, but seeing the excited and surprised faces of our patrons when they first sip it makes it a favorite of our ‘Haus crew to pour.

So what distinguishes our North Grove Vodka from others? First, our distillers start by purchasing 100% California grown & produced fermented grapes (aka WINE). They then distill it in our Arnold, California, distillery taking methodical cuts (this is the process of separating different parts of the distillate to achieve the final result we’re looking for). When they’ve achieved what they’re looking for- a process that typically takes many days on end- our distillers then proof it down using our fresh Sierra snowmelt water- unadulterated by chemical processing.

If you plan to be anywhere near our distillery in the California Sierra, stop in to enjoy a tasting or cocktail every Thursday-Saturday 12-6 and Sunday 12-5.

Cheers to spotlighting the Sierra in our Hinterhaus spirits!

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