Thank You All!!! Sites Had 14,452,155 Pageviews from 140,298 Unique Visitors in January!!

Arnold, CA…Thank You All!!! With the National News filled with news of the news as a business model imploding we set a new January record and it was the second highest monthly traffic total in our 19 year history!! Local News Matters!! It’s the last place we ALL Meet! These numbers were directly measured on our servers. And yes this does occasion the mandatory plug of our advertising! With these numbers we can beat Anyone on our cost per thousand ad rates. One social media company rates we saw yesterday showed our cost per thousand rates were 80% less!! Shopping Local on Advertising is not only targeted at people who care about our area it your cost effective choice!! We only accept local advertising!! If you win, we win!! averages millions of pageviews per month and our highest traffic month was over 16 million. (During the Rim Fire)

Since going live in 2005 our mission everyday has been to keep you informed, up to date and occasionally even entertained.

Each day our mission is to bring more revenue into each business in Calaveras, Tuolumne, Alpine & Amador Counties whether they advertise with us or not.

We have packages that start at just dollars a day!

Let us know how we can help your business thrive.

Drop us a line at or give us a call at 209.768.3929

Thank You for your support for the last 19 years!

We are humbled and honored for your visits!

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