The 7th Annual Competition Bret Harte Powderpuff Game

Angels Camp, CA..Bret Harte senior and junior girls will go against each other on the football field, Friday, May 24th at 5:00 for a game of flag football! The girls will be able to design their own football jerseys to rep during the game and keep for memories after. The community and students will be able to get into the game for $3 admission to watch the match up!

Bret Harte Football players will be coaching the girls through the game, so it will be an interesting match-up! As the year comes to an end, the school and community will have an opportunity to spend a night together of fun and competition!


Bret Harte Leadership strives to create memory-making events for the school and community so our students can look back on their memories of the “good old days”! It takes one event to change a person’s life and make a positive impact.

Event occurs on 05/24/2024 from 05:00 PM to .