Stanislaus National Forest Extends Seasonal Road Closures Through June 30.

Sonora, CA...After a late snow year and lingering damage to Stanislaus National Forest roads, Acting Forest Supervisor Beth Martinez has issued a forest order extending the seasonal road closures for affected roads in the Mi-Wok/Summit and Calaveras Ranger Districts, effective June 11 through June 30.  “After another winter of heavy snow, especially later in the season, we want to ensure that our roads are in the best possible condition before they see the heavy traffic of summer recreation,” said Martinez.

Road closures have been extended pursuant to 16 U.S.C. § 551 and 36 C.F.R. § 261.50(b), and to provide for public safety, motor vehicle use is prohibited within the roads listed below on the Stanislaus National Forest.

With the forest order, the below listed roads will remain closed from June 11, 2024, through June 30, 2024.

Maps showing road closures can be found 2024-06-07 13:23 1 ( and 2024-06-07 13:24 1 (

Summit Ranger District
  1. Forest Road No. 4N12 (Herring Creek Road)
  2. Forest Road No. 5N01 (Eagle Meadow Road)
  3. Forest Road No. 5N11
  4. Forest Road No. 5N40Y
  5. Forest Road No. 4N34 (Gooseberry Road)
  6. Forest Road No. 4N47
Calaveras Ranger District
  1. Forest Road No. 17EV485
  2. Forest Road No. 7N40Y (Bloods Creek)
  3. Forest Road No. 7N12A
  4. Forest Road No. 18EV287
  5. Forest Road No. 7N93 (Round Valley/Mt. Reba)
  6.            Forest Road No. 7N17 (Slick Rock)
  7. Forest Road No. 8N13 (Stanislaus Meadow)
  8. Forest Road No. 8N12 (Pacific Valley)
  9. Forest Road No. 8N06 (Hermit Valley Rec Res)
  10. Forest Road No. 8N02 (Deer Valley Trail)
  11. Forest Road No. 8N01 (Highland Lakes)
  12. Forest Road No. 8N04
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